You can do it as Long as you Believe

Do you know people who tell you you can't do it. I know people who have been told that. Like the girle's who published this blog. Also, my great grandmother,on my mom's side, was one of those people who was told she couldn't do it by her own mother. I will tell you this story.

So my great grandmother is an excellent drawer . So one day she was waiting for the bus and while she did she started drawing. F.Y.I. this was back in the day when Mr. Walt Disney was alive. So anyway when she was waiting she sat on the bench next to the building where Walt Disney himself started making movies. So Walt and his brother came out and saw she was an excellent drawer . They asked my great grandmother to be the very first drawer there. How rare is that! Super rare! So anyway she said she'd think about. Then she went home and told her mom and her mother said ," Those to boys are crazy. They think they came make money like that. That job is for losers. I can't believe that they think that they can make money by "coloring" pictures. There is no way I am going to let my daughter work for them." 80 years forward from then and look how wonderfully successful he and awesome company is. My great grandma told him no but, she regrets it.

OMG! That us so cool. I would give anything to meet Walt Disney himself. It is my dream to become an character animator for them. I totally love them. They are such an inspiration.

That just goes to show you the crazy people who love what they do can become very successful . And people who hate there job won't go anywhere.

P.S. Anyone can do anything.




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