Meet the Girle's

So you have met two girle's . Did you like them? I did! Now you are going to meet fashion specialist Brekin Ariage Rose.


Brekin is in the middle.

Nickname: Arry or Brek.
Age: 10
Favorite color: Neon green
Lucky number: 2
Favorite number: 3
Favorite food: Hamburgers
Favorite dessert: Chocolate cake without a doubt.
Dream car: Ford Bronco or a jeep wrangler
Hobbies: sewing, swimming,and shopping
Favorite thing to do: Is to sew and eat chocolate cake at the same time
Charity help: Sews clothes for the needy
Dream job: Sewing top dresses for celebrities 
Chinese Zodiac: Horse
Favorite animal : Seahorse
Birthday: August 23,2002



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