Quick Tips on How to Get Better Sleep

uggghhhh, I hate those days when you feel so awful because you didn't sleep well. It seriously is awful. So, I want to help you girls get better sleep, that way we don't have those days anymore. :)

1. When you want to fall asleep, think in pictures, not words. 

2. Play a game in your head. When I can't sleep, I play the game my mom taught me when I was younger, "If I could ride my bike to the top of the Eiffel Tower, what would I do on top of there?" It is very effective.

3. Try to do as much as you can that night, so you can fall asleep knowing you accomplished something awesome.

4. Use the sleepyti.me website to determine when you should go to bed. I am going to try it!

5. When you have found the best time for you to fall asleep, keep a schedule.

6.  Turn on some nature noises to help you soothe into a deep sleep. 

7. Sleep in a room temperature of 60-68 degrees.

8. Learn some bed time yoga stretches.

9. Take a hot bath.

10. Read! I love to read before bed. It is really soothing and makes me tired. 




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