A Sneak Peek To: Princess Tales: The Challenge Games - Book Two

Remember, the Princess Tales? Well, we're bringing their adventures back! With book two! Take a sneak peek at the book.

Princess Tales:
     The Challenge Games

     By: Bellise Marianna

Three...two...one. I ran. I ran for my life. My family, so I could return home. It wasn’t my choice to be here. All I wanted before was to meet Dr. Jonathan Helmenton and now--I’m supposed survive in the woods for three whole weeks! Without food, water--without anything. I guess before I go on, I should begin my story with how it started. Just one week before.

It was a lovely sunny day in England. The week before, I cut my golden lockes of hair into a cute, curly bob. I really like it, actually. It is quite different from what I had before.

I was sitting on my bed writing. I looked out my big, long window that looks over the ocean.

“Hey, Tay. You look nice today,” Elizabeth said with a gleam in her eye as she opens the door slowly. Her big blue dress complemented her slightly curly hair pulled into a fishtail.

“So, you finally like the way I cut my hair, shocker considering you were on a rant about how long hair will rule the world,” I smiled at Elizabeth.

“No, I still think you should’ve kept it long, but it’ll grow out, unless you cut it again, which will make me cry,” Elizabeth shivered, “By the way, Ian said he’d be here in like thirty minutes to work on the project.”

“I still can’t believe Mr. Wesler paired us up together. He’s always so strange around me,” I said  up at Elizabeth.

“You think your partner is bad, try working with Devin. He sits playing video games while I work on the project. It drives me nuts!” Elizabeth said with an urge in her voice.

We’re working on an animal research project right now in science. Ian and I are working on the narwhal together while Devin and Elizabeth are working on the goblin shark. Don’t look it up. I’m sure you understood by the name that Devin picked the animal out.

Ian is interesting to me. We should seriously do an Ian research page, because he should be studied. He acts like, well, a boy. He’s always cracking stupid jokes and looking at me when he does. He’s has this dirty blonde hair, dark chocolate brown eyes, and small and what seems to be some invisible freckles.

“Oh--Ian, Devin, hi,” Elizabeth said with hesitation.
“Hi, guys!” I said with one arm crossed while waving to them with an awkward smile. I was quite stiff at that moment. ‘Here we go,’ I thought.

“Uh, Devin, let’s go to my room and we can work together on the project. Ian, you can work here with Taylor, in her room,” Elizabeth said with a bit of concern in her eye. She shut the door quickly and Ian sat on the floor. We both stared each other for a good three minutes before I smiled and said, “Okay. How about we get working on the project. Did you do the researh about the narwhal?”

“Yeah,” he said pulling out some crumpled papers from his backpack. So, we continued out research from there. There was not much talking through out the ‘study session.’ I sat on my computer writing down the notes as we went.

The next day, I got up early and went to school. When I arrived, Mr. Wesler had us all sit down early and announced what I’m living through right now.

“Class. Good morning. I have a bit of news. We are cancelling the animal research paper, but don’t shrug because I have replaced it with a different project. You have all heard of Dr. Jonathan Helmenton’s Challenge Games?” he said as all the students nodded their heads, “well, our class will be participating in them. It’ll teach a lot about the world around you. I have partnered you together.”

My whole body froze. Everyone knows that those games are difficult.

He called many people. It was a whole, girls and boys thing. Poor, Elizabeth. She was partnered with Devin. Then, I heard my name.
“Taylor Johnson with--” he said as pleaded to be somebody cool, “Ian Petz.”

Oh no.

What did you think? Are you excited for the reveal? This is going to be the biggest Princess Tales book - EVER!

I'm excited. Are you?




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