13 Days of Swiftmas- Day 13- TAYLOR'S BIRTHDAY!!

A quick little intro- songwriter to songwriter.

Taylor, if I hadn't listened to your song Love Story back in 2011, I may have never become a songwriter. Well, I kind of wrote songs back then, but not to the point of it wanting it to be my job. Every time you sing and write, you inspire me. Please continue singing and writing because you're so good and you do it so well (Wildest Dreams pun). You are one of the most inspiring singers I have ever come across. Happy 26th birthday! Let this be a year of great, magical things.



Hey there, Swifties!

It's Bellise and to kick off Taylor's birthday, we have some words that they used back in 1989. Check em' out!

1. Gnarly – A surfer reference that was used as a way to show that something was cool. I.e. “That was totally gnarly, dude!”

2. Dude/Dudette – Gender specific noun’s used in place of a person’s name. I.e. “Dude, that was awesome!”

3. Like Totally – Used as a way to express extreme agreement with someone or something. I.e. “I think he was really in to you, like totally!” 

4. Tubular – Another surfer reference, this slang word was used as a way to express excitement in something or someone. I.e. “Man, that was tubular!”

5. What’s Your Damage? – This 80’s slang term was used to express annoyance, anger, shock, etc. I.e. “What was that about, man? What’s your damage?”

6. Choice – A slang word used to describe something or someone that is awesome, amazing, cool, etc. I.e. “My new car is totally choice, man!”

7. Burn/Burned – As an 80’s slang word, this was used when someone or some trivial thing was proved wrong. I.e. “Man, you got burned!”

8. Grody – Used as a way to show disgust in something or someone. I.e. “The new tuna surprise lunch special is grody!”

9. Rad – This 80’s slang word was used to say that something or someone was cool, awesome, great, neat, etc. I.e. “Did you see that car flip, it was rad!”

10. Bogus – Used as a way to show disbelief or that something or someone was wrong, unbelievable, etc. I.e. “What he told me was totally bogus!”

11. Gag Me with a Spoon – The 80’s slang term was used to show disgust or extreme dislike. I.e. “That old guy just asked me out on a date... no! Gag me with a spoon!” 

12. Wiggin’/Wiggin’ Out – Used to show that something or someone was crazy, weird, losing it, etc. I.e. “That new French teacher is totally wiggin’ out in the classroom.”

13. To the Max – This slang term was used to show something or someone was extremely awesome or cool. I.e. “That new movie was to the max!”

So as we continue our T-Swift birthday excitement, we have an announcement to make. So throughout 2016, I will be releasing brand new songs written by me. Sometime after Christmas, I will be premiering the demo piano music I have written. It's going to be pretty awesome, so stick around!

Taylor, I hope you have the best birthday ever if you are reading this. We're going to be blasting your music all day today.



Day 13 - 13 Days of Taylor
December 13

Taylor Swift, Childhood Throwback Photo Taylor Swift, welcome to a new fresh year.



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