Meet Teagan

Meet Princess Teagan of Arendelle, daughter of Anna. Learn some new facts about our princess. :)

Age: 14

Name: Princess Teagan Enna Rose of Arendelle
 Teagan Bjhorgman

Daughter of: Anna and Kristoff

Favorite thing to do: Adventure and help my dad with ice.

Birthday: February 16

Castle: The Castle in Arendelle.


                                           FAVORITE COLOR:  Anything in a pattern!
                                           FAVORITE FOOD:  Lingonberrie jelly on bread.

                                         SIGNATURE STYLE: Like my dad, I like elements of fur, but like my mom, I love traditional patterns!

                                      HOBBY:  I like to clean Sven's stable. I know that sounds really strange, but I just find it calming and fun.  I also like to do anything with Sven! Take him for a walk, brush him, play reindeer tag.......
                                        SPECIAL POWER: I'm learning how to talk to animals!!!!

                                        PET: I kinda adopted Sven from my dad!

                                       ROOM: my room is in the north wing of the palace and half is covered in hay! I secretly took hay from the stables and shoveled it in so Sven and I can hang out and talk!

                                       FAVORITE ROOM IN THE PALACE:  Do the stables count?

                                     MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT: I was in Sven's stable shoveling massive Sven turds when my aunt Elsa and her daughter walked in. I was so exited to see them that I jumped in the air....but I didn't realize there was still poop on the shovel I was holding. As I jumped the turds catapulted off and hit my aunt in the face!!! I was mortified!

                                    FUN FACT: Every fortnight, my mom, dad, Sven, my brother and I get together and do something really fun!

We hope you enjoyed! 

Happy Thanksgiving!!





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