Fin Fun Mermaid Tail Review

Hi Girle's'!

So, today I'm doing a review on Fin Fun Mermaids.

So, I got my mermaid tail during Easter from the Easter Bunny. And, I've got some good things to say about them. Now, I would rate the company a 3 stars. Here's why:

First, their tails are amazingly beautiful. But, the mono fin is a little dangerous. The fin any moment. If you are super careful with mono fin, it still will crack. They are just not made in the most unbelievable way. My sister had a fin and she was swimming in the middle of the deep end and suddenly, it cracked. She couldn't swim and it almost drowned her! She tried swimming without the fin and that, too, is incredibly dangerous. They tried to make her a thicker one but, that broke, too. And we don't play with our toys in a crazy way to point where they break. We're super careful (and if you ask me a little too careful.)

Second, the mermaid tail fades. The chlorine from the pool starts to fade the fin. My pools here are high in chlorine. So, my tail is very faded. It's pretty sad.

For the most part, the tail itself is amazing to look at and to swim in (until it snaps).

So, basically, be careful with your mermaid fin.





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