Me and My Door Issue~Burning Red!

Okay, Girle's'. You must know something about me. I have had a lot of injuries in the past. And recently (Thursday, November 13, 2014), I hurt myself again. But, with a...door!

Yes, it is true. I feel ashamed to say it but, I shut the door on my finger! But, that wasn't as bad as my other injuries. Here is a list of my injuries.

1: I got my thumb caught in a swing set when I was 2. I broke my thumb. Age: 2

2: I fell flat on my face when using the monkey bars. I broke my nose. :) Age: 5-6

3: (Another door injury. Stinking doors.) I tripped and hit my head on the side of the door. I cracked my head open. Ouch! Age: 6-7

4: I was on this zip line at school and I fell on fake grass; right on my arm. I broke my arm. Age: 9

5: And finally, my newest edition added on Thursday, I cut my finger, so bad they had to glue it. And there is a possibility of my nail falling off. When the doctor said that, I was hoping it was a joke. He wasn't laughing, though. Don't worry, it'll grow back. ;) Age: 12

As you can see, doors scare me. I am actually really afraid to play volleyball today. I will work something out. :)

So, have you ever gotten an injury. Tell us in the comment section below. :) Enjoy!





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