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Today we have a small piece of the story of Princess Madellynn. It's called "A Fork in the Road." Pretty neat, huh?! So, let's check out the description of the story.

This is story is a narration told by Princess Madellynn. When Gaston survives the fall when the beast pushed him off the roof, he planned an ultimate plan to steal the child of Belle and Adam so that Belle will marry him. Now, Madellynn has been stolen! She can't remember anything about her true parents since she's been living with Gaston and his new family for years. The only thing Madellynn can remember is the tune to a music box that her mother played hundreds and hundreds times. When a man visits her trying to help her remember who played the music box to her, she cannot remember. Then one day, she goes to visit "the king and queen" and finds out those are her true parents! She must choose between Gaston or Belle and Beast.

Now, the preview!

A Fork in the Road

The Story of Princess Madellynn

Forks….they’re not typically used to be the main title of a story. Unless you’re me where you live with magical ones. You typically get the usual beginnings that start with “Once Upon a Time”. Luckily, I’m the daughter of Princess Belle, I’ve read so many books that I know so many openings to start a story.
My story begins in France, many years ago, about sixteen. My mom, Princess Belle, had just had me. She held a big celebration for all the villagers to come and celebrate with us. Everyone was very happy that there was a new princess in town. Except one, Gaston, my mother’s enemy. It turns out that he never died when he fell off the balcony. Odd, right?! Well, he was in the palace waiting for everyone to leave because he had a plan.

It was twelve o’clock, everyone had just left and my mother was taking me to my nursery. Gaston waited there in the dark. Mother was rocking my cradle and playing this beautiful tune from a music box. She had played this music box tune so many times, it was hard not to remember it. She kissed me goodnight and left me to sleep.

Just as she left, Gaston picked me up and jumped out the window. My dad ran into my room to see why I was crying. When he entered the room, I wasn’t there. He called for servants and messengers to look everywhere. I was nowhere to be found. The whole city mourned the loss of their new princess. This is the beginning of my story.

                    Chapter 1

      16 Years Later……

“Madellynn, Madellynn...where are you? I need you to finish my laundry,” My younger brother yelled to me. I had been living with Gaston and his family all my life. I had two twin brothers, Colt and Dominique. I had a mother named, Aulora, and my father, of course, was Gaston. I led a simple life. Always cleaning up after my family. I was basically the maid. While everyone else was busy at school or playing outside, I was working; never, ever stopping. I guess I can’t complain. Gaston gave me a nice home to grow up in and when everyone was gone I would sneak into my “father’s” bedroom and read the books he had and sometimes I would write in my journal. Well, enough about me. Let me continue the story.

As my brother called me, I rolled my eyes. Again? He called me twice to do his chores. And, I was in the middle of writing in my journal. So, I tied my apron to my dress and went to my brother’s room. As I walked down the long, creaky, narrow hallway, I kept rolling in new thoughts and right when I was about to answer my questions in my head, I found my brother’s room. I walked in and my brother was laying on his bed with a book in his hand.

“Madellynn, closet...now!” Dominique yelled and pointed his finger towards the closet door. I picked up his laundry basket with annoyance and walked slowly towards the closet door.

“Move it along, Madellynn,” Dominique said as he fluttered his hand, back and forth, back and forth, back and forth.

“I’m moving as fast as I can. If you want I can move slower?” I defended myself.

“Fine, fine. Just be done when I finish this page,” Dominique said as he continued with, “Too late!”


We hope you enjoyed our little preview of "A Fork in the Road." It's coming out soon, so hold your horses.





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