What Would Happen After?- The Princess, The Locket, and The Sheer-Princess Kiera, Princess Jasmine, Aladdin-Story #2- FINALLY!!

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We just finally finished the 'What Would Happen After' book #2. It took a while to get the idea and then to write...Ugh!! We are in the process of making Madellynn's story. Sophia's is also in the making. Even Teagan! We also are thinking about making a little TV series for the Girls. So, here we have Jasmine's daughter's story! Check it out! We hope you enjoy!!!

        The Princess, The Locket, and The Sheer

Once upon a time, there lived a lovely Princess and Prince named Jasmine and Aladdin. They had been blessed with the gift of a baby girl. Her name was Princess Kiera and she had marvelous caramel brown hair with dark brown eyes.

As celebration, the prince and princess flew all around Agrabah on a magic carpet. Afterwards, they had a party where all the villagers gave presents to the princess. The princess received many marvelous gifts. The two that caught her eye were the ones her parents gave her. Aladdin gave Kiera a locket necklace with their picture in it and a baby tiger. The tiger was very gentle and kind. She loved him very much. The princess had named her Aashi. Aashi and Kiera went everywhere together.

1 year later, when Kiera began to learn to walk, her father had taken her for a walk to the marketplace. Aashi and Kiera began to play in the mud puddle next to them. When Aladdin turned around Kiera and Aashi were covered in mud. Aladdin was most unhappy with the fact that the pictures in Kiera’s necklace were all blurred. You couldn’t tell who these people were.

One night, when Kiera had just gotten her pajamas on and had fallen asleep with her mom and dad, someone evil had come for the princess. His name was…..Jafar! He was back for the princess. What Aladdin had forgotten was that 1 year ago, Jafar came to take Princess Jasmine and make her his queen. Jafar had offered instead to take Aladdin’s first born daughter instead of Jasmine. Aladdin agreed.

Jafar came in quietly and just as he was about to take the baby, Jasmine woke up and saw Jafar holding Kiera.

“Get your hands off her!” Jasmine said. Jafar threw Jasmine off of him. Aladdin woke up and fought Jafar. It was no use. Jafar left and was long gone with Kiera. Aashi had followed Jafar. She bit his foot when she found him.  Jafar dropped Kiera and she crawled away quickly. Aashi, of course, followed. Jafar was mortified once he had found out he lost the princess.

Kiera found herself in an old house with many utensils and devices in it. The only memory she had of her parents was the blurred picture on her locket. What she didn’t know was that it had a secret power.

15 Years Later…

“Wow! What a day!! Don’tcha think Aashi?” Kiera said as she walked home. She was wearing rags and her hair was put up in a high ponytail. Aashi nodded her head as she kept  walking on. Kiera went back to her house. It was cold and dirty, but it had the best view of the palace. Kiera sat on the window and stared out at the palace. She put her head on her knee and wished and dreamed.

She just came back from her good friend’s ocean. Her best friend was Princess Aqualine, daughter of Princess Ariel. She wished she had a good home like Aqualine.  Kiera opened her locket and stared at it.

“Aashi, come here, girl. Will you look at this with me? Look at these pictures. I’ve been looking at these for a long time and have wondered who they were. I don’t even remember. I wish I had the slightest bit of memory about them,” Kiera said.

The next day, Kiera walked into the marketplace. She had Aashi on her side and they couldn’t stop looking around. Suddenly, the queen of Agrabah walked in the marketplace. There she stood in the center. Aashi and Kiera tried to scooch in and listen to what she was trying to say. All at once, her locket started to drag her to the queen.

“Fellow people of Agrabah, this is PrincessJasmine. I would like to ask you if you’ve seen this princess. She’s probably about 16 years old now. She has brown hair and brown eyes,” Jasmine said. No one had seen her. All of a sudden magic came out of Kiera’s locket and it drew her towards Jasmine. Kind of like a magnet. Kiera bowed. Kiera walked up to the princess and said, “I really sorry about your daughter. I wish there was something I could do to help,” Kiera said.

“Aladdin, look!! The locket and Aashi. Kiera is that...you?” Jasmine asked.

“I am Kiera. Who are you?” Kiera couldn’t remember.

“It’s mom and dad,” Jasmine told Kiera.

“Mom and dad? Mom and dad? Mom and dad? Wow...mom and dad!! I can’t believe this...Mom and dad!!” Kiera said with excitement.

“Let’s get you home to wash up,” Jasmine smiled.

Kiera finished washing herself up and she went to a royal dinner. Her father stood up and presented her with a gift.

“Because my daughter has returned, I am giving her a special sheer fabric to put on her clothes,” Aladdin announced. Kiera put the sheer around her new clothes.

“Thank you, father,” Kiera said. As Aladdin and some of the dukes continued to talk, Aashi pulled on her skirt. “No, Aashi! Stop!” Kiera said. Aashi went to the other side of the table and started to pull the tablecloth. She kept on pulling and pulling until all the food started to fall on the floor. Kiera’s chair fell over. She climbed up on the table and tried to keep the tablecloth on. She got food all over her top. The turkey in the middle of the table started to slip towards a duke. She jumped onto the table and tried to hold it back. The turkey kept on slipping until she and it fell onto the duke. He pushed Kiera off of him and everyone left. Kiera’s eyes watered and she ran to her room. Jasmine chased after.

Kiera was nestled on her bed when Jasmine walked in.

“I completely ruined your dinner, I’m...I’m sorry!” Kiera cried.

“No, you didn’t ruin anything. It just added to the night. You should get ready for bed and get some rest,” Jasmine said.

Kiera got pajamas on. She snuggled into her pink, ruffled, bedding and fell fast asleep. Jasmine came in and kissed her goodnight.

The next morning, Kiera had to attend a party for her father. All of Jasmine and Aladdin’s friends came.

When it was time for cake, Kiera went to serve cake to all the people. She accidently dropped a piece of cake on one of her mother’s stuffy friends.

“I’m very sorry! I’ll get you a new piece,” Kiera said.

“I love Jasmine dearly, but I feel sorry that she has to live with such an annoyance!” Jasmine’s friend said as Kiera walked away slowly. Some of a lady’s dress was dragging on the floor, which made Kiera slip and take a dive into the cake. Cake splattered on everyone, Jasmine, Aladdin...everyone!

Later that night, Kiera got her pajamas on and went off to bed. A few minutes later, Kiera got up to get some water. She walked by her parents room and heard them talking.

“She isn’t exactly princess material,” Aladdin said.

“She’s trying which is all we need. We have to guide her in being one with the people. I’ll talk to her tomorrow,” Jasmine said. Kiera ran back to bed with tears running out of her eyes.

It was twelve o’clock AM. A sudden breeze came in blowing. Her windows blew wide open and the curtains blew everywhere. It was hard for her to sleep. She kept tossing and turning everywhere. A dark figure entered the room. He was tall and dark. Kiera sat up and rubbed her eyes. She began to scream, but the dark creature put a hand over her mouth.

“Who are you?” Kiera said with fear.

“I am Jafar, master of darkness,” He smiled.

“I am Kiera...What are you doing here?” She asked.

“You have stolen something that belongs to me,” Jafar said.

“I haven’t stolen anything from you,” Kiera remarked.

Jafar thought for a little bit.

“Dear Kiera, you’re absolutely right! Instead, I have a quest I want you to take. I want you to find a special treasure that I’ve been searching for for years,” Jafar said.

“Why me?” Kiera asked.

“Because you have strong legs, besides don’t you want your parents to be proud of you for once,” He said to Kiera.

Kiera walked to the door and she could still hear her parents.

“Okay! I’ll do it!” Kiera said.

A couple hours later and Jafar and Kiera were halfway through the desert. Kiera had on pretty sheer fabric her father gave her.

Suddenly, they stopped.

“Here we are,” Jafar said triumphant.

“There’s nothing here,” Kiera said.

“Yet, shine your sheer into the dawning sky,” He said to  Kiera.

Kiera did as Jafar commanded. All of a sudden, the earth started to move.  Kiera fell to the ground a giant lion head made out of sand came. The Cave of Wonders!   

“Now, fetch me a crown with a sapphire in the middle of it and you will be rewarded,” He said to Kiera.

Kiera walked towards the cave. She stepped inside and walked down a little staircase. One hour had passed and she was halfway through the cave. Kiera got distracted and touched a mystical blue diamond. It shot her and she laid on the floor for a while. All of sudden a blue streak appeared in her hair. Kiera had no idea what it meant. She got up and continued her journey.

Kiera reached a mountain made of gold. On the top there was a gold crown with a purple sapphire in the middle of it. She walked up the mountain and picked up the crown. She ran out of the cave as quickly as possible. Jafar was still outside waiting for her. She ran out of the cave and the crown to Jafar.

“You found it! Finally...at last!! I can control the sky...the ocean...the wind...the ice. As for you princess, you will be buried in a place where no one will see your “precious” face again,”  Jafar laughed. He made the sand rise up and bury her.   Jafar rushed to the palace to surprise Kiera’s  parents.

Kiera tried to get out of the mound of sand but it was no use. “I wish carpet was here,” Kiera wished. All of a sudden, her dark blue strip turned light aqua blue. A magic carpet flew in and got Kiera out of the mountain.

“A magic carpet. But, how….when I wished for carpet!” Kiera smiled. She jumped on the carpet and flew to the palace.

When she got there, she hid behind a giant column. She saw her mother was tied to a metal bed and her father was tied to a column. Kiera rushed to another column and kept watch.

“Now Princess Jasmine, I’ve finally come up with a way for you to fall desperately in love with me,” Jafar smiled.

“Never!” Kiera yelled as she ran towards the potion and knocked it over. Jafar grew very angry with her. Kiera untied her parents and Jafar had made a giant, lava hole to push Kiera in. Jasmine got in front of Kiera and she was pushed in. Jasmine held onto the rocky part of the hole. Kiera offered Jasmine her hand and they held on together.

“I’m sorry, mother! This...this is all my fault,” Kiera said.

“How is your fault?” Jasmine asked.

“I was the one helped Jafar get that crown. I just wanted to how you that I didn’t mess up for once,” Kiera said.

“Kiera, I love you just the way you are. How in the world would you get such an awful idea that I didn’t love you?” Jasmine replied.

“I heard your friends say that I wasn’t a good princess and that I was an annoyance and dad was saying that I wasn’t princess material,” Kiera responded.

“First, dad and I were talking about one of your cousin’s mom. She just married a prince and doesn’t know how to handle it. Second, no friend of mine can say that. They were just jealous and mean,” Jasmine said.

Kiera and Jasmine both smiled. Jafar creeped up behind Kiera and tried to push her in. Luckily, Aladdin was there to end Jafar’s plan once and for all. Jafar left the crown behind and Kiera put it on her head. The castle went back to the way it was.  Kiera hugged her parents.

Kiera started to take Princess school after this whole situation. One year later, she became the best princess she could possibly be!

                       And they all live “Happily Ever After”!

      The End!!

How was it? Good, bad?? Leave a comment below telling us whether you like Isabella's story (daughter of Elsa) or this story, Kiera's story (Daughter of Jasmine). We'd love to hear your opinions.





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