100 Words that Describe a Girl- 8 & 9

Hi Girle's'!!

Let's get started with our words.

Today's word is:


Ambitious. That's a pretty big word. What does it mean exactly? It basically describes a person who is not  afraid to try something new or different. They have a keen way of learning new things. A girl is definitely  ambitious. Merida is ambitious. Molly is ambitious. We're all ambitious in a way, even if we don't show it.

                    Be you. Be ambitious.


                All girls are themselves, of course, but sometimes, they may not want to show it. They want to be somebody else. What I'd say is that we should be who we are and not take it for granted. We are awesome, awesome, awesome! 

Brainy Quote

The more you like yourself, the less you are like anyone else, which makes you unique.

~Every Girle' ;-)



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