Freaky Saturday

Have you ever wondered about the moon? I started to, on Saturday night (morning). I will tell you the story.

It was dark night on Kyle Court. 2 little sisters were sleeping soundly in their beds. They were having a so called 'sleepover'. Where they would sleep in each other's bed. But, Friday turned to Saturday and something strange was going to happen. At 4:10 AM, the younger sister, Sienna, went to turn off the fan.

10 minutes later, the oldest sister, Bellise, saw a something bright come on. "Sienna, turn off the light," she said. But, Sienna was fast asleep in her little, cozy, content bed.

Bellise opened her eyes to find that the moon was shining a bright, illuminate, light. It was so bright it looked like a headlight of a car. Bellise wondered why it was so bright because when she looked out her window, the moon was just as it always had been. A big, full moon. But, when she looked at the light shining on her pillow, it was a bright as a headlight. In order for her to get back asleep, she to bury her head in the pillows and cover herself in her blanket. She was a little afraid then because Bellise gets scared very easily when it's night time. One time, she was scared of the movie Tuck Everlasting.

When she woke up in the morning, she told her sister about how the moon was shining like a headlight and all the conspiracies she had thought she saw. Sienna told Bellise that she turned on the light one time. Bellise was starting to wonder if she saw that instead. But, she stuck to her story because she saw it with her own eyes.

That story was TRUE story. It happened on 7-12-14. It was about 4:20 when I saw that bright super moon, as scientists call it.

Get ready Girle's' because NASA says that it's going to be a long summer full of super moons. Maybe you might see a the moon like I did. If you do, comment on this post and tell us about your experience.





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