Hello Girle's'!

I just came back from camp. It was so much fun!! I made some awesome new friends named Lola, Annelise, Angie, Isella, Jordan, Christina, and Denise!! Oh...they are awesome!!!

Well, today I made a challenge for myself and I wanted to join you Girle's' in on it.

Here it is. So, every month I decided to learn to sing "Let it Go" in a new language. August for me is Let it Go in French.

What you have to do is decide on a song and sing it in a new language.

What you can do if your song doesn't have a different language is you can copy the lyrics~


and then paste it on Google Translate~


Then just select your language and the challenge begins!!

My mom will finally be happy that she can't understand the words to Let it Go this time. :-)

We hope you take the challenge!!


Bellise <3



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