What Would Happen After?

Hi Girle's'!

This post is dedicated to a new series we are releasing called 'What Would Happen After?'

This series is all about the stories of the Disney Princesses' children. It will answer questions like, " Who is this person? Why is she like this?"

Our first two stories to come out are the stories of Anna and Elsa's children. Here is a schedule of all the Princess stories and when they should come out.

Anna and Elsa: July 10, 2014 or sooner

Jasmine and Tiana: July 22, 2014 or sooner

Rapunzel: July 31, 2014 or sooner

Cinderella and Snow White: August 8, 2014 or sooner

Sleeping Beauty and Belle: August 18, 2014 or sooner

Merida: August 30, 2014 or sooner

The Anna and Elsa may be done way sooner, but that date is just in case it isn't.  We are working on them right now. So I hope you will enjoy them. :-)

They are coming soon! P.S- I am back from camp and it was awesome!!

I hope you'll enjoy it! :-)





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