Are you Anna or Elsa?

Hi Girle's'. Today we're going to take a quiz. What kind of quiz is it you ask? A Frozen quiz! Yeah!! Let's get started.

1. How would you describe yourself?

A. Corky and fun

B. Sweet and shy

2. Would you rather have ice powers or no powers at all?

A. None

B. Ice powers

3. What are you afraid of?

A. Being shut out by a sister or friend

B. A talent or power you have

4. Do you like Elsa or Anna?

A. Anna

B. Elsa

5. What is your favorite song in the movie?

A. For the First Time in Forever

B. Let it Go

6. How do you imagine your Friday?

A. Partying with some friends/getting engaged to a man you just met that day

B. Staying in your room and reading/ having a snow party in your room where you build snowmen

7. How do you imagine a vacation?

A. Hanging out at the beach and chilling

B. Running away into the mountains

8. What is your favorite color?

A. Green

B. Light blue

9. Which lyric best describes your awesome personality?

A. They'll be actual real-live people, It'll be totally strange

B. LET THE STORM RAGE ONNNNNNNNN!!!! The cold never bothered me anyway

10. How do you imagine your "cartoon" life?

A. Bringing your sister home

B. Getting mad at your sister, running away into the mountains and, freezing your whole town

WOO-HOO!! You're done! Let's see the results.

Mostly A's:

Your Anna!

 You're corky and funny and totally love your sister! You're not afraid to be yourself, finish people's sandwiches, and long to stuff some chocolate in your face.

Mostly B's:

You're Elsa!

You long to show your sister the real you. You're shy and beautiful. You're very protective of you're family; especially your sister. the have some pretty awesome ice powers. You long to let yourself go and not hide the person you really are. 'The cold never bothered you anyway'

Inspired by  the quiz by: Oh my Disney, Disney's blog 

Hope you enjoyed! FYI: Here are the girle's' test results.

Aridessa: Anna

Rose: Elsa

Breyer: Elsa

Brenton:  Elsa

Keira: Elsa

Anna: Elsa

Brekin: Anna

Mia: Anna

Cerise: Anna

Carmen: Elsa

Taylor: Anna

Bellise: Elsa

Sienna: Elsa

Molly: A combination of Elsa and Anna

Jessa: Anna

Hope you enjoyed!


Bellise and EG



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