Me and My Frozen Themed......Arm?!

Now, I went to a little kid's birthday party on Sunday.(It was for my little sister.) There wasn't much to do but, ok, I'll make the best out of it.

   There was a bouncy house, cake, a face-painter, and Princess Merida came. Although, there was all that, I wasn't allowed to flip in the bouncy house or play any of the games when Merida came or sing really loud when Let it Go came on when they were playing music. UGH,UGH,UGH......What to do?

             Well, then I decided to go get a tattoo. There were so many choices! Unicorns, Snowflakes and a lot more!! I decided to choose a snowflake because I'm so in love with Elsa and the whole Frozen story (don't forget Hans!). So, she had an idea where we could paint snowflakes all the way up my arm (since it was a Frozen Themed painting)! Of course, I said yes. I mean sparkling snowflakes up my arm. Now, that's awesome. I'll show you a picture of my Frozen Themed Arm.

I think you can see Fellini in the background in the first picture.

I'm totally using this face painter for my birthday party.



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