Fellini on Fire- Part #2

I totally forgot! I forgot to tell you how we found our puppy, Fellini. Here's how it went:

               For many days we'd been searching for a dog.We had asked rescues if they had a loving dog and they turned us down.

             When I heard we were turned down, I got REALLY mad. I thought it was unacceptable. All girls should have a dog.

              So, I searched and searched for the perfect one and I ended up on Adoptapet.com. I saw they had a little puppy named, Ricky. I sent the picture to my mom and she said she would check to see if they still had him. She was pretty sure he was gone since he's the cutest thing in the world!

              A few days later, my mom and dad went on  a "date night".  They got a call from the lady who had "Ricky". They were supposed to see a movie instead. (My sisters and I were left home with  a babysitter.)

                   So, they drove down to La Mirada and waited for a few hours. The lady didn't show up!

       On November 12th, 2013, my mom got another call form the lady who had "Ricky". The whole family drove down to La Mirada and again we waited and waited for 2 hours. Finally, she showed up with an amazing Goldendoodle. My sisters and I were SOOOOOO excited! Finally, we had a dog!!!! And to say I love you, he peed on my leg. So, sweet. :)

        That's how we found Mr. Fellini! He is the best dog in the world. To see Fellini as a baby, click here. :)




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