Fairy Tale Diaries- Story #3- The Public Embarrassment

        Now, book #3.

                                  Fairy Tale        Diaries

        The Public Embarrassment 
                     By: Bellise

     Dear diary,

It's Lexi, again. Mom was acting up, again. Here's what happened.

     So, we were out shopping at Walmart and my mom was ridiculously thirsty. So, she grabbed a bottle of water and drank it. Then (this is where she was acting up.) she fell to the floor and started flopping like a mermaid. Then her blue fins with eyeballs popped out. The eyeballs were saying things like "Mooga-Mooga-Booga-Booga-Cooga-Cooga" People were running around screaming. Mom said," Is this a screaming contest or are we really running from something?" The screaming was back on and my mom was flopping all over the store trying to get people to calm down. What she didn't realize was that she was the one they were running from. 

      After that, we were banned from Walmart. 

Mom sat in the back seat and we had "The Talk" with her. We said that she was going to sit on the naughty step for 31 minutes.

After she came off the step, she pulled out a book that said my family was related to.......mermaids! What will I become??





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