Fairy Tale Diaries- Story #2- There's no Face like Gnomes

Here is book #2 of The Fairy Tale Diaries.

                                           Fairy Tale Diaries: 
                           There's no Face like Gnomes
                                         By: Bellise 


                                     Dear Diary,

It's Summer. Today, something very strange happened.

       So, my dad was out grocery shopping and he ran into this man. He touched my dad and said, " Beware what I shall bring to you."  My dad ignored the weary warning. So, he hopped back in the car and felt very strange. He was starting to shrink.

              I heard the door open and no one was there. Suddenly, someone set there bag on our eating stool and up hopped my dad. (My dad was really tiny and was wearing a pointy hat.) He hopped on the bar and his facial  expression was showing the sly-brow. (My mom and I were cooking and we hardly noticed my dhim.) He moved by my mom with the same expression and his arm resting on a pan. Suddenly, in a chipmunk voice he said, " So, what's for dinner."  My mom and I stared for a while and starting screaming. We took a whole bunch of frying pans and started aiming for my dad. Dad had a dizzy day.

      I guess he turned into a gnome because that man he met was wearing a gnome cologne where when people touch him they turn into a gnome. Or that's what dad said. If he ever turns into a gnome again, he'll probably be dating a chipmunk. So, now there's a rule where when we leave the household, dad has to put a mask on so he doesn't turn into a gnome.



My life is not weird at all. AWWWW... yes, yes it is.


How was that story? Was it better than the first?

Every Girle'/ Bellise



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