Fairy Tale Diaries- New Series- Story #1- Water Troubles

            WOO-HOO! We are releasing a new series of short stories called Fairy Tale Diaries. It's about a few different girls who go through a few different weird, fairy tale things. They are awesome! When I say it's awesome, I really mean it's awesome. I just came up with it when I was sitting in my tree in the backyard. Weird and awesome! Here is story #1 called Water Troubles.

                                             Fairy Tale  Diaries
                               Story #1- Water Troubles
                                       By: Bellise

                                Dear Diary,
Lexi here. The weirdest thing happened to me today. So, my parents, Ella and I went to our pool. Ella and I went in the water. Then my mom jumped in and started flopping around every where like....like a MERMAID! Then suddenly, two fins popped out and her legs disappeared. (Her fins were light blue and REALLY scaly.) Then two little eyeballs with mouths popped out on her fins. It was a little weird. People were staring at me like I was a crazy person. Oh I wasn't the crazy one to stare at, my mom was.

             I was way too embarrassed to stay in the pool with her, so I left the big pool and sat in the kiddie pool where all the little kids were peeing on me. Huh... I hope it doesn't happen in public again if not I'm going to have to take the car and make a run for it.

  Well, that was my weird day.



Huh....I love my life. Wait, no I don't.


Did you enjoy that little story. My little sister thought it was so hilarious that she almost fell off our tree when I was telling it.

More will come in the next few days.

Every Girle'/ Bellise



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