Mix and Match

            When you mix and match different kinds of songs and music, I think it makes it crazy! So, Every Girle' wanted to provide you with a list of songs that you can mix and match with other songs. See what it sounds like. Here are the steps to making a dance party out of your mixed and matched songs.

1. Choose your songs.

2. Mix and Match them.

3. Have a crazy dance party when you listen to them.

Here are the songs.

 Uploaded by iSwiftieLyrics- The Last TimeBaby-Uploaded by Benjamin Lemaire

What makes you BeautifulUploaded by OneDirectionVEVO

Uploaded by ZendayaVEVO


Uploaded by Urfavesonglyrics

If you have any suggestions for a song, then comment and tell us which song we could put on this post.




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