Burning Red! Wait, Wait.... More than Burning Red. :)

                          If you're a 'Burning Red' fan, you'll like this.

      So, this was at school. One day, we were at our Social Studies tables and I was sitting my annoyance. She always bugs me and is jealous of me. So, she was bossing everyone around and so I said, " Hey, your not the boss of everyone one." and she said, " Be quiet!". So, I said again ," Your not the boss of everyone one. Hey, your being a bit wretched!" and she said, ''WHAT!". So then I said," Look it up!". She then said, " Your always so mean to me." and I said ," No! Your mean to me!" and then she said, " What have I ever done to you?". And that was the end of that fight. BURNING RED!

         After the end of that, my fists were clutching. I was SOOOOOOOO mad! She was steamed, though. 





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