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Arrah's last book in the season. When are we going to see her next season?

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                                                          Book #4 Are u Serious!!!???

            Hi Guys! So, I found out the biggest secret ever. It's SO crazy big that I will have to tell you in a story form.

        It all started at home in the backyard. I didn't what to do with myself. I was well, um, well, bbbbbbbb......bored. I have never ever been bored before. That is exactly why I didn't know what to do with myself. Anyway, I was bored out of my mind and decided to walk into the forest and I found the weirdest clue. It was part of a very expensive dress. It had a note on it saying ," Your mom was in this dress find her- Faith the faithful fairy." I picked the clue up and felt the material it was made of. "Mom would never wear 1983 blue squared fine silk. What is going on??," I wondered. I walked home very perplexed. Then I found a picture lying in front of my house. It was me as a baby and there were two people behind me. Those two people were blurred and there was another note saying," Go to the library with Rylyn. Find the book on World History.- Faith, again :) :) :):) ,". So then I ran to Rylyn's house and rang on her doorbell.  She didn't answer, so I rang 4 more times and she answered ,'' What's the deal? You rang 5 times. What's the rush? Do you want me to go the library with you? Oh no! ,". I told her that with my I have a plan face. I dragged her down to the library and ran by Mrs. Banks. I looked in every aisle for world history. Then I saw a girl with it. It was Mandy, the dorky nerd. I ran to her desk and pushed her and grabbed her book. " You'll pay for this. No really, Miss Banks is charging $8.99. ," Mandy said. "Uh No! ," I said.   " WOAH! Another note! Go to chapter 17. ," I continued.   " Who are all the notes from. ," Rylyn said as I explained to her what happened this morning.  Then I looked at chapter 17. The title of the chapter was The Princess is Born. The beginning of the page had the same picture of me as a baby. This time the background people weren't blurred out. Who were they? I read on and it said there was a baby girl born in 2002. She was a princess. It said the king and queen of Mythilania disapeered when they immidiently had her. The baby girl's name Arrahlyn. HUH??? Wait what! I was so puzzeled. How could I be a princess? I read on about where she was born. It said this, "Arrahlyn LOVES horses. She is practically always talking about horses.We know because we track her. Anyway, She was actually born on a horse. Arrah's mother was pregnant and she was riding her favorite white dapple , Ginger. She was supposed to be laying in bed but, wanted to train for the national horseback riding championship games. When she was about to jump she said,"The baby is coming!" . Arrah's father immediately took her off the horse and took her to the stables and lied her on the hay. 1 hour later Kaden was holding an orange haired little baby. Even now she could speak to horses. People believe because of Ginger. Ginger gave her love and kisses. Then she immidiently started talking to Ginger.  Because she was born here everyone thinks the princess's love for horses was because she was born in a stable." I couldn't believe it. That was the same story mom told me. Same words. Everything. I think the book was right. I was the princess of Mythilania.
                         I went home with my mouth open and with Rylyn rolling her eyes the whole way home. I then slipped on another piece of paper from Faith.  I got off my butt and read the paper. It said ," Find the magical black horse. She is sparkly and black. Her name is Silhouette. "  I walked in the house with Rylyn and I heard a glass break. I looked in the kitchen and nothing was there. I checked in my room and still nothing. Then I checked the living room and there was big black horse lying on the couch. It was a Clydesdale, Sparkly, Black Horse. She was adorable. I ran over to her and started rubbing her. Then a white and brown spotted dog ran up to Rylyn. Rylyn's eyes got big and she started petting that puppy like crazy. Rylyn decided to keep the dog. She named him Culver. The horse already had a name. Her name was Silhouette. I found the horse. Now, the horse gave me a note from Faith. It said ," Now, you must go to the old castle that your parents lived in before it was destroyed. ," I brought Angel, Rylyn, Culver, and Silhouette. Faith wrote down the directions and we got there in an hour. It was a long walk. We saw the castle. It was old and destroyed. Like the picture below I found on a website called A little more destroyed though.

I then found a picture of the king and queen together. It had their names. The king's name was kaden and the queen's name is Skylar. Under the picture there was another note from Faith. It said ," Now, look on Chapter 17 of World History. You will see how your parents disapeered. ,". I looked and it said they were into MADS by the abominole snowman. It said they were almost 20 when they disapeered. It happened at their wedding. They were just about to say the vows when an evil dark black horse took them into MADS. I guess when you stay in MADS for to long then you get the Madian Flu. You get mad at the person next to you. They got the flu. It says there is a cure for the Madian Flu. You need to sing to them. This is the song. " Let me sing you a song that will soothe you, It will really, really move you, I know there is still love in your heart, So let it show and let it glow, I am your family so listen to me, I will cure you, I don't care if it takes me dozens of years, I just love you to much to let you go, So just stand by me forever and my love will show."   I didn't understand. That was the song Claire Allison wrote. A.K.A me. I am famous, Uh huh  yeah! Faith now wanted me to go home and ask my parents alot of questions. So we walked home and my mom and dad found the paper I wrote about my parents. I listened to their conversation. They said, " Honey, Arrh found out she was delivered at our door step. She is going to have a lot of questions. So, the answer is yes to everything.,"  " What if she asks me if my name is Albert. ," My dad questioned.  " Larry, What why would she do that? ,"  " Why wouldn't she do that?? ," My dad said as I walked in with all my friends. " Honey, we know you know about your parents. We are sorry we didn't tell you. ," My mom said. " Yes, no, yes. UH, My name is Albert. ,"  my dad said as he ran in the other room. " What in the world was that. ," I questioned. "That is just Albert when pie rules his mind or skipping college. So, you have to find your parents. Faith will help you. ," my mom said as she brought Faith the Faithful Fairy out. " Hi! I am Faith. I have directions to MADS and how you can get there. So Silhouette will get you there and here are your directions. I have to tell you something about Silhouette. She was the horse who took your parents away. She decided nobody was treating her nicely so she ran away to Mythilania. Anyway, I will be here when you return. If you don't return in 2 hours, the portal will self destruct. You will be stuck there. Good luck! ," Faith said. I then started to get mad at Sil. Why would she do that??

        I hopped on Silhouette's back and Faith opened a portal to MADS. When we got there I was going to have a conversation with Sil. A deep sad and depressing conversation. Speaking of depressing. This world and part is more depressing then I remembered. I said, " Culver. Rylyn. Angel.  Go to the dungeon and looked for my parents. I gave you the picture. It will help you. I have to have a talk with Silhouette. "  I will translate all her words into english. Okay, so I said ," Silhouette, Faith told me what happened with you taking my parents. Why, Sil? Why did you work for this king? He is mean and cold hearted. And because you worked for him, I no longer can trust you. Your off this mission. "  " Arrahlyn, you can't do this! I am your best friend. I guess I am no longer important to you? ," Silhouette said as she ran off with tears. " Silhouette, wait! " I said as she took off to far. Meanwhile, The threesome team (Rylyn, Culver, and Angel.) were doing this. " Okay, guys we have to find these two people. Angel, sniff it out! Wait, Culver sniff it out.  Really, you should know how to sniff. Your a dog. We'll just do it the old fashioned way. We will use my phone. Dang! No cell service. They really have to have better service. ," Rylyn said as I ran in. " Silhouette isn't here. I'll tell you later. I heard you were having trouble. We will find the old fashioned way. We will narrow them down. " How did you know I was having trouble? Oh friendship sense! " We looked aisle by aisle and we looked in all of the aisles. Then aisle 11 was the one. Rylyn found them, not! She thought a two harry men were my parents. They are harry because they had hair everywhere. They had some chin carpet. They had a jungle on their pit. And it looked like a ferret died on their lip. " Well, that's an insult, Rylyn. Look over there. It's long brown hair. , " I said as I ran over to the last cell .  " Mom. Dad. I missed you. ," I said. " Yeah, mom. Dad. I missed you, too. YOW! Mom and dad have a tude. ," Rylyn said. " Get out of here sweetie. This is adult business. ," My mom said.  " Oh no! You don't remember me. ," I said.  Rylyn then threw me the book and told me to sing the song and I did. " Let me sing you a song that will soothe you, It will really, really move you, I know there is still love in your heart, So let it show and let it glow, I am your family so listen to me, I will cure you, I don't care if it takes me dozens of years, I just love you to much to let you go, So just stand by me forever and my love will show." It didn't work. I tried again and again. It wasn't working!!! What was happening. Maybe I had to say instead of sing it. I did and it didn't work! I looked at the rules and it said that you had to sing the whole song. That was easy. I sang and sang and sang. It worked. My mom and dad remembered me. Rylyn tried pushing the cell door open. Then she tried pulling it open. Then Angel had enough and kick it open. " Well, Angel. If you want to do it the hard way. ," Rylyn rolled her eyes.  I heard the alarms go off and I saw Silhouette. She grabbed us all ( Rylyn, me, mom, dad, Angel, and Culver ) and put us on her back. She opened the time portal and zapped us back into Mythilania. We all landed in different places. We were all okay. Except for Silhouette.  " Silhouette, wake up! Please. I am sorry about what I said. You are really the best friend horse I could ever meet. You are important to me. ," I said. Then she opened her beautiful dark brown eyes and I hugged her. "Silhouette, Please. I am sorry about what I said. You are really the best friend horse I could ever meet. You are important to me. You are very important to me. ," I said as Sil smiled. I ran over to my parents and they hugged like they were a snake trying to squeeze me.  " We have so much to catch up on! We even have to catch up on the castle. Claudia, Larry. Thank you for raising our little princess. You did well. We will now be taking her into her real home. ," My mom smiled.  " I will miss you, Claudia and Larry. Thank you! ," I said. " I can fix your castle with a push of a button." Faith said.   " Wait, Hold phones! I read everything here in Mythilania becomes a princess or a mermaid or anything but normal. Arrahlyn and Breyer are princesses. . Mandy is fairy nerd and Rachel is Rachel. What am I?? What is my purpose?

        Now, how big was this story? I am a princess. I have to go now. I am going to watch the girls do yoga. When I mean girls, I mean my dad. So, bye. Remember this is not the last of my adventure.

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