Burning Red!


I'm so sorry that I haven't been talking about my burning red days. I haven't had any, lately. I am going to think of a couple of times that I had a burning red day. So, math class, math class, math class. Let me outside the box.
I am going to tell you what happened today.

So, I am getting REALLY good at doing my bridge kick over on the mat. ( The gymnastics place I go to let's me ring the bell every time I accomplish something new.If you do it more that three times then you can ring the bell.) So, I have done it more than three times ( like 5 times) and I haven't even been able to ring the bell.  I asked my teacher why I couldn't today and he said I had to do it on the floor. AHHHHHH!!!!! That is so Burning Red! I have been working really hard to ring the bell and this comes up. Really annoying!

So, you guys know I am supposed to have a build a bear workshop sleepover in August. I can't go! This is the part where you say What? I have to be "signed up" to go! Wouldn't that be burning red for you. I missed my end of the year party, my awards ceremony. Am I not part of the troop anymore?( I guess not really because I have to sign up for next year.) It's not called leave one girl scout out. It's called girl scouts. It's for Every Girle'.

That may not seem so burning red for you but, for me it is horrible.




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