The Girle's with their Favorite Pets!

I am showing you pictures of the Girle's with their favorite pets. You may have seen two of them.

Rose loves her pet dolphin ,Squeak. She is always playing around with boats. She loves when Rose rides her.

Breyer loves Destiney Rose Angeleyes. Destiney used to be a wild horse.Rose was taking in wild horses at the time (last month.) So, Rose decided for Breyer to train the wild one.It wasn't easy but, she did it. Now Breyer is so duper happy with her horse.
Aridessa loves her dog , Taylor. She is so playful and even makes art herself. Taylor was found on the street crying for help. Aridessa found her and cared for her when Taylor was  a baby.

Pearl is a funny kitty cat and belongs to Brekin. Pearl is 3 months old and is a teacup.  Pearl was found in a shelter 3 months ago. Brekin is always happy to play with Pearl.

Because her dad works in the military, Brenton has a dog named Justice. You might think she is a vicious bulldog. She's different ,alright. She is a fluffy Chow Chow. Brenton has a bulldog named Spike and a golden retriever named Charlie. She wanted to take a picture with Justice this time.

Hope you liked there pets! If you want you can email us (with contact form) and tell us your favorite pet.
I hope we here from you!




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