The Girle's Summer!

I bet you want to see a pic. of the girle's having there summer. If you do, then awesome! The pictures are below.

Brenton says she is going to hang at the beach and write about celebrities. "I can't not write about celebrities!," Brenton says.

Brenton's summer is the first one. Brenton even added a cool red extension in her hair.

Brekin said that she was bringing some new bathing suits that she made to her friends and everyone loved her yellow one she was wearing. Everyone started at it. " Even on a hot summer day, I could be sitting in my sewing room sewing away. ," Brekin admitted. Brekin even added a green extension in her hair.

Rose loves animals. So she decided this summer to party with the dolphins. She even made a new dolphin friend named Squeak. " Animals are like my best friends. I have to hang out with them. I can't help myself. ," Rose said. She even added a pink extension in her hair.

Aridessa went to a summer art museum. She stood by her favorite summer picture. She even has a blue hair extension. " I don't care if it's summer, I love art. I have to be in an art museum. I just loved this picture ,too. ," Aridessa said. Art picture from:

Breyer loves her pet horse as much Rose loves Squeak. She went on a ride with her horse, Destiney. Here is her favorite picture of her horse on her hind knees. Destiney went so high, Breyer dropped her song book. " I have to bring my song book. It is like my journal. Every song I write is about my life. ," Breyer smiled. Breyer even added a purple extension to match her dress.

I hoped you enjoyed the summer pictures of the Girle's.




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