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                                 I started writing these series called Arrahlyn's Secretive Blog where she has this secret blog where she writes about all her adventures that she encounters. This is book # 1. It is called The Secret of the Sister.

Here it is:

 Arrah's Intro

Long ago on a new Island called Mythilania there lived two people . One's name was Addison and the others name Alston. They met in a sacred forest and fell in love. After they met they became queen and king of all the land. They ruled together for over 50 years. Then a terrible thing happened. A wicked beast from another land below Mythilania called Mads attacked the beautiful king and queen. After there death , the wicked monster set up a border. The monster said he was going to build Mads on an island on the other side of Mythilania. He also said if anyone dared to cross that (the ocean was the border) border they would turn into wicked monsters or they would be sentenced to death. Ever since then the wicked beast hasn't been found . But he waits for someone to cross his border line.
Chapter 1
Hi! my name is Arrahlyn Rose greene . I am 10 years old and I live in Mythilania. I live with my parents , Claudia and Larry , in a charming little cottage on Swift Avenue . My BEST friends are Rylyn Bethany Blue and my pegasus Angeleyes. I am going to tell you the time when I saved my sister, Breyer.
So Angeleyes and I were taking our normal walk down in the forest . I said , " Hey Angel, do you want to go over to Rylyn's after this and see if she can play? We could ask if Magic,the unicorn, can play." She answered with big ,loud , cheerful neigh. After that we heard a disturbing sound coming from the bushes. If you just said ," Duh Arrahlyn,It is just the wind." then you are way off! The weatherman said it was sunny all week. And our weather man is never ever wrong. He is not like your weatherman on Earth where they say," It will be sunny all day." but , it actually rains. Anyway, we heard it again. Then a white fluffy looking monster jumped out of the green bushes and says," My name is Mr.abominole Snowman and I demand you to leave right now or I will sentence you to death ,little girl. Be gone. NOW!!!" And as fast as a lightning bolt I jumped onto Angeleyes and we flew off into the wind. He yelled to us with a little hoarse cackle ," NEVER EVER RETURN LITTLE GIRL!!!!!!!!!! NEVER RETURN !!!!!!! HAHAHAHA!!!!!"
Chapter 2
I jumped off Angeleyes's back and I ran to Rylyn's porch and rang her doorbell. She answered the door a little frightened . She said," Hi Arrahlyn.... Woah! You look more frightnened than me.What happened?" " I was in the forest with Angeleyes taking our normal walks and this crazy white thing. Well , he called himself Mr. Abominole Snowman. Anyways this Snowman dude jumped out from the bushes and said never return little girl. If you do then I will sentence you to death.What happened to you?", I said as frightened as a chicken. " Hold on. MOM I AM PLAYING WITH ARRAHLYN! Okay so ,you know Rachel's party she surprisingly invited us to?" , Rylyn said as she slowly closed the door. "yes", I returned . "I have to pick out a dress and my mom wanted me to where this ugly lime green dress that says Rocker girl and the most frightening part is that I told her that I would wear it. " said Rylyn. " Man you were brave to say such a thing." I told her. " Yes, I was. I was the breaking the law of my fashion magazine but, then again I can make anything look fabulous even on taco Tuesday." Rylyn said. " Anyway, I want to know why I couldn't go on the other side of the forest." I said with a frown. " Well, maybe we should go to the library and see if we can find anything."Rylyn said.

Chapter 3
We walked to the library in hopes to find a book that will suit us. " Let's hope we can find something." Rylyn Said " Yes, I really want to know who this guy is and why he won't let me go into the forest." I said. " Hi girls, how may I help you?" said miss Banks the librarian. " Hi miss Banks we are looking for..." I said as Rylyn interrupted me. " We want 3 books ,please." Rylyn said. " What books are you looking for?" Miss Banks questioned. " We want The History of Mythilania , The Amazing Mr. Abominole Snowman Biography, and one Fashione' de France Fashion Magazine." Rylyn said. I looked at her in a strange way." What I don't get something." Rylyn said. " Here girls. Go take them to a table and read." Said miss Banks. " Thank you.'', I returned.
" Okay , the first book says there used to be a king and queen who lived in Mythilania long ago. 50 years ago. Then the abominole guy killed them and set up a border line and if anyone crossed they would turn into monsters or they would be sentenced to death." I said in shock. " That is probally why he didn't want you to go into the forest ." Rylyn said. " I don't think that he would be so nice that he would warn me about that.Let's turn the page and read more." I said.
"Oh no! Oh no! ", Rylyn said in shock. " I know! Someone tore out the last pages. So now we can't see them." ,I said in a sad way. "No! This outfit is way to expensive for me to buy. Oh yeah, Your problem is bad, too.", Rylyn said. " I still can't figure out why he won't let me in the forest. Is there like a magical fairy who can help the forest and he doesn't want us to get her or something??", I questioned. "Well, I'll think about it tonight.", I said.

Chapter 4
We walked home to our houses and said good bye. When I entered the house the kitchen smelled like pasta my dad made. He put it on the plate and we ate it in 2 seconds. My dad makes the BEST pasta. So then we started talking about school and after that I went to my room and started packing my bag for school. And then after that I went to bed. But , here is something you will like about me . Every night I go up into my parnet's attic and look at there old books and pictures. But, this time I found something WAY better . It was a picture of my parents, a girl named Breyer, and me as a baby. The girl was holding up a sign that said welcome home sis. I thought in my head," Is that my sister??".
When I woke up in the morning I told my mom about the picture and she said," Yes, that is your sister.She walked into Mads many years ago and she was never seen again. I really miss her. " "How long is long ago?", I questioned. " 5 minutes ago.", my dad said as he stuffed food in his mouth. "No! 6 minutes ago. I am just kidding. 4 years ago.", my mom said. " Mom, I'm going to Rylyn's.", I said.

I ran to rylyn's house and rang her doorbell. When she answered she wasn't frightened this time. " I said to her,"Rylyn,we need to talk. Yeah ,so I found a picture in my parents attic and It was a picture of my parents,a girl named Breyer, and me as a baby and the girl named Breyer is my sister.She walked into Mads many years ago and hasn't been seen ever since. " Rylyn said," You , I mean we, should go to Mads and see if we can get her back." " You know I love adventure , Ry, I would never miss an opputunity.", I said SO excited to see my sister.

Chapter 5
We headed out in the morning when the abominole snowman and our parents were sleeping. Of course,we brought the animals. We walked into the deep,dark forest of Mythilania and then we came to the border line and crossed and what we saw was the saddest place in the universe.Every one was sobbing and angry with eachother. Now , I why it's called Mads. Anyways, the land had no grass or trees. It was full of trash and it smelled bad. " Rylyn, we need to find the jail . She is probally there." I said.
We walked the sad streets of Mads and finally found the jail she was probally in. We walked in it and saw people sobbing and angry at each other. As,we walked down the hall of the jail we saw sick people and mad people. And I saw a man and a woman that looked very firmiliar to me. She had 100 ft. of hair and he had brown hair and they were fighting.We went to the very last jail cell and saw a young 13 year old girl with brown hair and green eyes . She was the youngest one in the prison and she was not mad or sick. She looked at me and remebered me instantly and said," Oh Arrahlyn, you came for me." " Yes, I came for you. C'mon let's get out of here." " I have something we can open the jail cell with," Rylyn said. She took out the sharpest knife I have ever seen and started sawing the cell. 10 minutes later she was free . We ran out of Mads as quick as we could and the Abominole Snowman caught us and said," Where do you think your going Breyer. And you little girl and pegasus I thought I said stay out of here." Then when he said that I had a plan to make him and his people nice again. So we could live in harmony together. I said," Can we please live altogether in harmony and be friends? PLease? Why are you so wicked anyway?" " Okay I am wicked because when the king was king every one loved him and I was always left in the corner . I never had any friends. So , I decided to kill the king and queen so I could get attention. And I did. Considering you want to be my friend makes me feel happy." He said . "But, I am not letting your sister go!" , He continued. He took Breyer and threw her back in a stronger cell with high security systems. He threw us in a jail ,too. " Hey! Let us out! Please can't we all just be friends???" I questioned as he kept walking and ignoring us. "I have to get of here. I can't rot in here. Not without a fashion magazine.", Rylyn said as she panicked more and more. Breyer looked at her sparkling rainbow,diamond necklace. She took the crystals off and lined them up forming a flower. When the light shined on the jail's bars, it melted them. She did the same with ours. She stood in the jail cell hall and yelled," I am Breyer and I am the fairy of diamonds and there light."She glimmered and shined as she transformed. I couldn't even believe my eyes. Once she transformed she gave me,Magic,Rylyn, and Angeleyes necklaces with a little bit of magic in it.This all lined up. Mr. Abominole didn't want me to go in the forest because he was afraid that I would come and save her. He didn't want me to save her because all the light she projects is good energy and if she projects some on MADS then all his people will become good again. " Wait before we leave, I have a plan." I said.
Chapter 6
"Okay, here's the plan. Rylyn and I will distract the gurads and ,Breyer, you go on the top of the top of the highest mountain and direct your light on all of the land. Then everyone here will become people again.", I finished. She went on the highest mountain in Mythilania called Mount. Mythian. She lined up her diamonds and formed a flower again. Rylyn said," Hi! I am Rylyn. I am guessing you are the guards.OMG! I need to call the fashion police and they need to teach you how to dress better.",Rylyn said as she started talking about how they should dress.
Breyer kept trying and trying but, she got no magic connection. What was happening? Was she losing her powers? " Oh no! I can't get a magic connection.", Breyer panicked. "Why?",Rylyn questioned. "I think because the sun is pointing to the other side of the ocean.",Breyer said. "Then go to the ocean.", I requested. " I'll try!",Breyer said. And she did! Breyer closed her eyes and used her magic to make MADS bright and happy again. " NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!",said the abominole snowman. " You won't be bothering the world anymore.", I said with a smile. " Let's go home.",Rylyn said.
Chapter 7
" Arrahlyn , sweetie, your home. We were worried sick. Where were you?", My mom said with joy. " Well, let's just say I made an adventourous visit.", I responded with a laugh and smile on my face. When Breyer walked into the room, my parent's faces lighted up with joy. "Breyer! Honey! I missed you so much.", my mom said as she was crying with joy. My dad didn't say anything.He was speechless. He did have his mouth open in shock though. He gave Breyer a big hug. "Thank you!", mom whispered in my ear.
From that day on my family and I lived in peace. Oh no! My adventures aren't finished yet. There are still many more that I will encounter. I have to go ,though. Today, is Breyer's birthday and we are going to Darrell's for her birthday. Thanks.
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