Arrahlyn's Secretive Blog Book #3

YEAH! Book #3 is finally finished. It is below.

    Arrah's Intro:
                                        So, do you remember Taylor Baise? Of course you do! I just told you about her. Let me tell you a little more, though. She is from Earth. She lived in a land called Reading, Pennsylvania. She moved to Nashville, Tennessee to start her recording sessions at age 15 and got a recording contract at about 16.Now she is 23 and her birthday is December 23rd.

               She has been around the world. She is even starting concerts in Najuria ( The planet where Mythilania is located.). Taylor Baise is also my best friend. 

I am going to tell you the story when I wasn't so sure if Rylyn or Taylor were  true friends. Were they a friend or a rival?

                                                                 Chapter # 1

                                  One day, Rylyn rang on my doorbell. I  was just about to get off the phone with Taylor Baise. "Okay, bye! Hi Rylyn. ," I said. " Can you play?? , " She asked. " Sorry Ry. I was just about to run over to Mini's mini golf. I am meeting Taylor there. ," I said. Rylyn frowned and said," Okay.If you can play come knock. Arrahlyn one more thing. It's Friendship day tomorrow.  Don't forget. "  I said," Don't worry ,Rylyn! I never forget Friendship day." 
I ran to Mini's as fast as I could. I saw Taylor waiting next to her limo.  I ran to the bathroom and changed into my Claire costume. I ran to Taylor as fast as I could. She saw me and said," Hi Claire! I missed you! Sorry I called so sudden. I thought we could get back together before I leave next Friday."  I said," That's fine. I just love hanging out with you."  We  ran over to the first puck. Taylor scored. She won the game. She was excellent. After the game we went to get ice cream. Taylor got cookie dough and I got Ice cream with cake chunks inside. We sat and talked about what we did before we were famous.( I learned that Taylor's dad bred a horses. He raised them to become well  trained show horses. Once they were trained he sent them to a show in Austria.) I told Taylor that Rylyn and I have a friendship day. I asked her if she wanted to start that ,too. She said we could celebrate friendship day tomorrow. She said that was a great idea. We were going to meet a Wisneyland. Awesome ,right. Friendship Day with  a celebrity. Super cool! 

                I said goodbye to Taylor and I ran to Rylyn's house. I rang the doorbell. She answered with a mad face and a crazy bun. "Woah! What happened to you?," I asked.  " You said it would take 30 minutes. ," Rylyn said. I returned," I never said any of that." You said something like that. I feel inside me that you are going to forget Friendship Day. ," Rylyn frowned. " I would never ever, ever, ever, ever, ever forget Friendship Day. To make that frown turn upside down, how about we get some ice cream. ," I said trying to keep my secret that Taylor was starting Friendship Day. Rylyn nodded yes.

                                              Chapter #2

                             We walked down to the ice cream place and we chose our flavors. Rylyn got Double Chocolate Chip and I got cookie dough. Rylyn and I started talking about what we were going to do for Friendship Day. We were going to go to Dream Land. One of the second largest theme parks in Najuria.

          Then when Rylyn left, I had remembered that I was supposed to meet Taylor at Wisneyland. UH-OH! I had promised two people to be at two different places. That is bad. Really bad! I was thinking really hard about what do to do for my problem. I thought maybe I should just ditch one but, here's the problem with ditching either one of them.

  1. Rylyn is SUPER sensitive and she would absolutely hate me if I ditched her.
2.Taylor would probably say that she is fine and then she would actually hate. She would maybe even dress up as somebody. She would make that somebody a somebody who says mean things about me.
 I guess I would think about in the morning. It was almost 7:00 PM when I got home. I had dinner (Chicken and White rice with peas on the side.) and then crashed. I had a dream that Rylyn hated me. I even had a dream that  Taylor Baise knew my secret and then she told the whole world my secret. That dream was a scary dream. It was so scary I even woke up in the middle of the night. I got up and went downstairs to look at a picture of Rylyn and I as toddlers. I smiled and plopped down on a chair. I kept thinking and thinking about the dreams I had. I was nervous about Rylyn and Taylor hating me because I arranged two different schedules but, I was really nervous about Taylor not knowing about my secret. Was she going to hate me?? Was she going to think that I was a horrible friend? I wasn't sure. I guess I was going to know in the morning.

                                                              Chapter #3

                        I woke up late.  Rylyn was waiting for me at Dream Land. I got ready and ran to Wisneyland. " Hi Taylor! Happy Friendship Day. ," I said. " Hi! You ,too. What do you want to go on first?," Taylor replied. " What about Race to Space?," I questioned. She smiled and shook her head yes. We went on it and had the best time. The next two rides she went on by herself. Then eight next rides we went on together. Then the four next rides she went on herself. Then ,after she went on the ride, I had decided to tell her my secret. " Taylor, I can't bare it anymore. I need to tell you a secret. Come with me. ," I said as she followed me into the Janitor's room. "Taylor, I am tired of you not knowing who I really am. ," I said.  " What do you mean? ," Taylor said.  I then said as I started to take off my wig," This. Hi! I am really the girl who was under the wig , Arrahlyn Rose Greene. I am really serious now. "  Taylor's mouth was wide open. She was mad at me. I could tell. She shook her head slowly. " So this is who you really are. I thought we had more. ," Taylor said. " No ,Taylor! Wait!  ," I said.  " What is there left to say? ," Taylor said as she walked out of the janitor's room. " Taylor, wait! I created that character to finally not be a loser. Then when I met you, I was actually happy that I made a friend. ," I said as Taylor closed her eyes to make a hard decision.  " I'm sorry "Claire" but, you should go look for a new friend. My friends don't lie to me. ," She said as she walked away. I then sat down on the bench and started to cry. I walked home to Rylyn's house and I saw her walking to her front porch. " Rylyn, thank goodness your here. I just had this terrible fight with Taylor Baise. ," I complained.  " Stop,okay! I know what you did. You spread the word for Friendship Day to Taylor. So you decided to ditch me and spend time with Taylor. ," She said with tears coming out of her eye.  " Rylyn, I had to spend time with Taylor because she is leaving next Friday. She is important to me. If I ditched her, her feelings would be damaged. Her feelings are like glass. If you drop them, she is broken. ," I said. "Oh so, my feelings aren't as fragile and I am unimportant. Arrahlyn, you just made her your friend last week. We have been friends for nine years. Friendship Day is really important to me. For Taylor, not as much. You promised me yesterday that we were going to have the best day ever. You broke it, Arrah. You broke it. ," Rylyn said.  " Rylyn stop, please. Your feelings are important to me. I've know you since you were like 1. We can't not be friends. That would just be weird.This is our day. C'mon let's go to Dreamland and renew this friendship. ," I said.  " I'm sorry ,Arrahlyn. This day was important to me. You are going to have to find a girl who can replace me. Your changing to fast. ," Rylyn said as she went through her door. I sat down on bushy,green grass and started to cry.


                                                                                  Chapter #4
                      " I do not like my friends. ," I screamed into my pillow.  " Honey, It happens sometimes. We make schedules that we can't keep sometimes. You just need to sort it out. ," My mom said. " Maybe your right. I should just go down to Rylyn's and Taylor's house and apologize. Sorry, not going to happen sister. They are my rivals.Oh no,no,no! I should just give it a chance. Oh wait! I did! ," I said. " UGH! Arrahlyn Rose Greene, you cannot sass your mother by calling her sister. That's why you have a sister. LOL! Your mom is so funny,'' my mom laughed as she screamed out of the room because she was embarrassing me. I thought of an idea. So, I ran down to Breyer's room and knocked on her door. She opened it and let me in. My super good idea was to ask Breyer for help. She's like almost 15 ( in like a year) , she would know all my answers to my questions.(She already knew what happened between Rylyn,Taylor, and I ). " Breyer, what should I do about this fight I am having with everybody. ," I questioned.  '' Arrah, I think you should work it out with both of them. It won't be a big deal just to go over there and work it out. It's easy for me to do it. So, wehn Brice, my boyfriend, and I get into fights, I just go down to his house and slap across the fae twice until he gets that I didn't do it.," Breyer said. " Yeah, I know it's the right thing to do but, they won't listen  to me. Especially, Rylyn. She was torn. ," I returned. " You got to, to do what you've got do. I am not going to answer anymore until you try. ," Breyer said. "UGH! Fine! ," I said as I walked out of the door.

                            I ran down to Rylyn's house and I rang on her doorbell. She answered with a mean look on her face. "What do you want!? ," She said. "I just want to apologize for my behavior. ," I returned.  " Oh, I am totally not cool with that. ," Rylyn said as she started off with a smile and ended with her mean face. " I am really sorry. ," I said.  " Well, you aren't my friend anymore. I made some new friends. RACHEL,BLAKE, MARRISA. Come out for Arrahlyn. ," Rylyn said. My eyes got big and wide when I saw the mean girls at school walk out. "Ry, what are they doing here.We hate them. ," I questioned. " Not anymore. Rylyn is our new best friend. So, walk your snooty booty out off her porch.," Rachel laughed as she shut the door on me. "Next, Taylor. ," I stomped off Rylyn's porch.

              "DING-DONG! ," The doorbell rang. Taylor opened the door with a smile on her face.  " Hi! I just really wanted to apologize for my behavior. ," I said. Taylor hugged me and said, " You aren't the one who should be apologizing. It's me. I overreacted. Way to sensitive. I accept your apology. I have to bounce.I have a meeting with my boss. Bye!'' I had a big smile on my face and waved goodbye. 

                                                      Chapter #5

                         Once I got home, I ran to Breyer's bedroom. She opened it and I told her everything that happened. She was shocked when I told her Rylyn was now friends with the mean girls. She told me that I did a good thing by trying. She even said that she would think of ideas for getting Rylyn back. She was the best. But, I came up with an idea. And I did it. My idea was to do a concert special for her and she it. It was a concert special for her. I didn't understand. Why didn't she like it? 

                      On Monday, I made her a talking I'm sorry card and that didn't work ,either. I made her an I'm sorry jewel carved with the words I'm sorry on it. I made her a butter statue carved on the bottom I'm sorry. That didn't work. I tried 10000 times but, nothing worked. I am really serious when I mean 10000 times. No joke.

                     Nothing would work. I tried everything. From cards to jewels and I got nothing out of her. Then finally, I caught her running in the hall with her ''new friends''. I tried apologizing. I kept saying I'm sorry for an hour. Then she finally gave up. '' STOP! Please! I take your apology ,okay. I just wanted to know if you really felt like you were sorry. So, I forgive you. If you ever,ever, ever forget Friendship Day again, I'm going to kill you. Also, to make me feel even better you are going to remake Friendship day. Oh and, Rachel and your sidekicks, you are free to go. I gave them 25% off a massage, a free purse, and some more designer coupons to pretend to be friends. ," Rylyn said. '' I am fine with the Friendship Day but, we are going to have to talk about you paying the girls. ," I laughed. I hugged her and we were back to normal.

                                                 Chapter 6 and Ending

                             Well, that's it. I have to go. I am meeting Rylyn at Dream Land. I promised her today I would remake Friendship Day. So yeah! Remember, this is not the last of my adventures. See you on the next post. See you on the next post. :)

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The End!
Bellise :)



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