I can Feel the Tears

   I bet you wonder why I can feel tears in my eyes. If you really want to know, then read below.

                    So, I love Taylor Swift. She is my idol and would totally explode (in a happy way) if I met her. I REALLY love her. So, anyway she has concert for her album RED. I REALLY, REALLY want to go. Sadly, I can't because to get a good seat it is almost a 1000 dollars ( For me,my mom, and sister). I don't understand, she's has SO much money and it would be nice if Every Girle' could go to a concert.It's not fair. I don't ask for anything more from her. Just to be there at her concert would be like a dream come true. And if I saw her in person that would be really cool. This really brings tears to my eyes and it makes me really,really sad. :( It would be enchanting or a dream come true to meet her.



Here is her concert if you want to watch it :
uploaded by:cmntexas



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