Meet Arrahlyn

I wrote a story called Arrahlyn's Secretive Blog. One of character's name is Arrahlyn. Today we will meet Miss Arrah.

Arrahlyn as herself.
 Her as Breyer Camargue Lippazan Morgan.

Arrahlyn Rose Amanda Camrague Lippazan is a princess of the land Mythilania. She lives in a world of myths. She is 10 years old. Her best friend is Rylyn Bethany Blue and her Pegasus ,Angeleyes.
Her mom's name is Rapunzel and her dad is Kaden.

Arrahlyn LOVES horses. She is practically always talking about horses. She was actually born on a horse. Arrah's mother was about to have her baby and she was riding her favorite white dapple , Ginger. She was supposed to be laying in bed but, wanted to train for the national horseback riding championship games. When she was about to jump she said,"The baby is coming!" . Arrah's father immediately took her off the horse and took her to the stables and lied her on the hay. 1 hour later Kaden was holding an orange haired little baby.
Because she was born here everyone thinks the princess's love for horses was because she was born in a stable. 

Arrahlyn goes to school at Oceanic Middle School. She has orange hair and brown eyes.

This is Arrahlyn Rose!




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