13 Days of Swiftmas - Day 3 - Polaroinaments: Ornament Craft

You might remember this from last year, but we just loved it so dang much!

           Polaroinaments: Ornament Craft

  • Included in this post:
  • The Annual Swiftmas Polaroinament Craft
  • GIF for you!
  • A Tay-tay fact for you!

Step 1: Print two of Taylor Swift's Polaroids (or if the album, use those). You can also use a Polaroid you have or you can make one online and print it. First take your picture at webcamtoy.com. Then, go to polaroin.com and drag and drop photos!

Step 2: Cut out a thick piece of cardboard and apply glue to both sides. You don't have to use the cardboard. It just gives the Polaroid more shape and it makes it last WAY longer. If you skipped the cardboard step, just continue down below.

Step 3: Once you have your glue on there, put the Polaroid on the square. Put one on each side.

Step 4: Once you have both Polaroids on each side, get a hole puncher (it doesn't matter which shape. I'm going to have to decide between a heart shaped one or just plain, old circle.) and punch a whole on the top.

Step 5: Get a pretty piece of yarn or string and put it through the hole. Tie the yarn or string so it's secured.

AND NOW....for the FINAL step:

Step 6: Hang it on your tree! Now, you have a custom made Taylor Swift ornament. Or if you went with your own Polaroids, you have a Taylor inspired ornament.


                                   A Tay-tay 1989 World Tour Fact + GIF for you!

Daily Surprise GIF - Behind The Scenes of The 1989 World Tour  

5 band members | 4 backing vocalists and 12 dancers | The team had over 3 months of music rehearsals daily *




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