Have a Stomach Ache? Here's a Tip A Tip All People Should Know To Help a Sore Stomach

I hate stomach aches. Don't you? I used to have them where my stomach would just ache for hours! So, then I learned this awesome trick that is GUARANTEED to have your stomach ache go away!! It's awesome!

Tip from Tay:

1. Find a chair (not a stool; a chair).

2. Lay a pillow down on top of the chair.

3. Lay yourself down on the chair with the pillow on top (stomach flat to the pillow) and lay their for a couple minutes or until you feel the stomach ache start to go away.

4.  Your stomach ache should be as good as gone if you followed the steps correctly!!

Have a question? Comment it below and I'll answer a question of yours!!


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  1. Il papa' ti ha detto di fare cosi' ... hai visto cosa hai fatto ??????


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