Big Hero 6 Secrets

Hi Girle's'!

Have any of you seen Big Hero 6 yet? I have. It's super sad and cute. While I was watching the movie, I found a few easter eggs hidden in here. Want  to hear them? Ok, first watch this video below.

Those are all the Frozen Easter Eggs. Actually, they missed one. There is also an Easter Egg I found while watching the movie. 

So, Hans is wanted everywhere. Even in Hiro's town.

Also, did you ever notice the statue of Hans in Fred's backyard?

This is just random.

Ok, let's get serious now. I'm kidding!
Ever see the cameo of Stan Lee (creator of Marvel. I just found this our) in Fred's house?
Or what about the Chicken Little they had on the giant screen.

 Just Random!

These guys were the directors of Tangled. They were in the police station with Hans's wanted picture.

This is the police lady from Bolt. And this is Bolt from Bolt. You knew that. They are pictures on the police's desk.
Random, again!

Did you see the cameo of Wreck-it-Ralph on the screen next to Chicken Little?

Speaking of Wreck-it-Ralph, check out Hiro's toy.

Now, check out Fred's Mrs. Incredible toy.

So, Betty Lou Gerson is the woman who played Cruella Devil in the 1961 101 Dalmations movie. Are her and the police related?

And Fred wants to be a dragon. But, which? None other than the one from How to Train Your Dragon.


So, our final Easter Egg is mine. Stitch. Stitch was in a photograph in Hiro's home. Found him right away.

Did you guys enjoy? Before we wrap up, let me ask you a question. Did you guys like Big Hero 6? I thought it was ok. It was funny, though.

Happy New Year!





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