New Years Eve and Taylor Fleetman's Last Day!

Hi Girle's'!

Happy New Years Eve! Are you guys excited for the New Year? I certainly am. You know why? A new Girle' of the year! Super exciting. :) This Girle' happens to be really fun and different from the rest of the group. It's not another teen like 2014. She's only 11. I think. ;) To help your wait, here are some pictures from Taylor Fleetman's albums. Taylor just released her new hit album 1998. So cool!

Check out some pictures.

This is the album cover for 1998. Her album is all pop. Taylor went classy and cut her hair. I think she looks gorgeous.

Pretty cool! I love the album. I think she did an amazing job.

Here is a picture from her first album she ever released.

This is the album cover.
She looked so pretty back in 2006. She also looks great in 2014. 

Remember we saw pictures of Taylor on her Blue tour? Well, we have the album cover for that, too.

It's a black n' white picture with a pop of blue! Genius, Tay. 

Here is our last album cover we have to show you. (We added the Girle's' in.) It's the album that made her a hit, Brave. 
Taylor looks gorgeous here!

So, say goodbye to Taylor and hello to the new Girle' of the year. We have a hint for you. Her first name starts with an O and her last name starts with an R. Also, judging for the EGA's will start to January 1, 2015-January 6, 2015. We will announce the winners on January 10, 2015. Cross your fingers for your favorite Girle' to win!

We hope you have the best new years ever!





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