Everything Taylor Swift! Day 12: Graphs of Evolution

Hi Swifties!

Today we have some graphs of Taylor Swift's evolution. So, we're going to be showing her hair evolution and SO MUCH MORE! Let's get started.

1. Hair Evolution...

Taylor Swift's hair evolution

2.  The Most Inspirational boyfriend...

Who is the most inspirational Taylor Swift Ex?

3. How to do  Taylor's surprise face...

The makings of Taylor Swift's surprise face

4. The Words used most in '1989'

The most-used words on Taylor Swift's '1989'

5. Which cat?

Which cat does Taylor Swift love more?

6. Baked goods in Taylor's house.

What baked good are you most likely to have at Taylor Swift's?

7. Some of her favorite things.

guardian.co.uk & vulture.com

A Polaroid for you!

  We hope you enjoyed Day 12! Sadly, tomorrow is our last day. **Cry, cry** See you tomorrow!

Merry Swiftmas!





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