A Fork in the Road~ What Would Happen After? Princess Madellynn, Belle, and Beast

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Madellynn's story is finally here! We hope you enjoy it.  Madellynn's story is officially the longest between all stories! 17 pages long. (So sorry fr the delay. I wasn't able to write with my finger that I slammed in the door.) We hope you like it.

  A Fork in the Road

The Story of Princess Madellynn

Forks….they’re not typically used to be the main title of a story. Unless you’re me where you live with magical ones. You typically get the usual beginnings that start with “Once Upon a Time”. Luckily, I’m the daughter of Princess Belle, I’ve read so many books that I know so many openings to start a story.
My story begins in France, many years ago, about sixteen. My mom, Princess Belle, had just had me. She held a big celebration for all the villagers to come and celebrate with us. Everyone was very happy that there was a new princess in town. Except one, Gaston, my mother’s enemy. It turns out that he never died when he fell off the balcony. Odd, right?! Well, he was in the palace waiting for everyone to leave because he had a plan.

It was twelve o’clock, everyone had just left and my mother was taking me to my nursery. Gaston waited there in the dark. Mother was rocking my cradle and playing this beautiful tune from a music box. She had played this music box tune so many times, it was hard not to remember it. She kissed me goodnight and left me to sleep.

Just as she left, Gaston picked me up and jumped out the window. My dad ran into my room to see why I was crying. When he entered the room, I wasn’t there. He called for servants and messengers to look everywhere. I was nowhere to be found. The whole city mourned the loss of their new princess. This is the beginning of my story.

                    Chapter 1

      16 Years Later……

“Madellynn, Madellynn...where are you? I need you to finish my laundry,” My younger brother yelled to me. I had been living with Gaston and his family all my life. I had two twin brothers, Colt and Dominique. I had a mother named, Aulora, and my father, of course, was Gaston. I led a simple life. Always cleaning up after my family. I was basically the maid. While everyone else was busy at school or playing outside, I was working; never, ever stopping. I guess I can’t complain. Gaston gave me a nice home to grow up in and when everyone was gone I would sneak into my “father’s” bedroom and read the books he had and sometimes I would write in my journal. A little secret is that I would sneak books to educate myself. Since Gaston cared little about education (I cared a lot. You can understand why. I’m the daughter of Belle! I love to read!), I taught myself how to read and write. All Gaston cared about was hunting. That’s all my family did. Except me, of course. I had little interest for that kind of stuff. Well, enough about me. Let me continue the story.

As my brother called me, I rolled my eyes. Again? He called me twice to do his chores. And, I was in the middle of writing in my journal. So, I tied my apron to my dress and went to my brother’s room. As I walked down the long, creaky, narrow hallway, I kept rolling in new thoughts and right when I was about to answer my questions in my head, I found my brother’s room. I walked in and my brother was laying on his bed with a book in his hand.

“Madellynn, closet...now!” Dominique yelled and pointed his finger towards the closet door. I picked up his laundry basket with annoyance and walked slowly towards the closet door.

“Move it along, Madellynn,” Dominique said as he fluttered his hand, back and forth, back and forth, back and forth.

“I’m moving as fast as I can. If you want I can move slower?” I defended myself.

“Fine, fine. Just be done when I finish this page,” Dominique said as he continued with, “Too late! Move, move, move! Come on, Madellynn. You’re as slow as a snail.”

“If you wouldn’t mind, I’m not an animal, I’m a human. I don’t need you to tell at which pace I should move. I’m not a work horse, I’m your sister,” I said at this point very irritated. I walked out of the room very unhappy. From the two, he was the rudest. No, no, no...my whole family is rude. Especially, my father. He does not care about one living soul (except my real mother, Belle) and when I would ask him to read a book, he would refuse. Sometimes, it’s hard to be in a family that doesn’t understand you or thinks your odd.

Once I finished Dominique’s laundry, I rushed to the kitchen to start dinner. Gaston had caught a deer for dinner. There were two things I do not enjoy. First, cooking a poor animal. Two, thinking that Gaston hurt an animal brings chills up my spine. But, I had to obey. So, I started to peel the potatoes; that went with the deer. Just then, in came father. All the boys, rushed towards him; hugging him, playing around with him, all that fun stuff. I was still peeling the potatoes, not acknowledging him at all.

“Hello Madellynn! How is dinner coming?” He asked with his broad, loud voice.

“It’s vigorous,” I said still paying attention to the potatoes. Just as he was about to ask me another question, somebody knocked on the door. “Oh...look! Somebody knocked. Let me go check who it is.”

As I answered the door, the man walked away.

“Wait, sir. What did you need?” I asked hoping for a good answer.

“I’m looking for Madellynn at the residence of De Camelote,” he said.


“Oui, that is me,” I said very confused. What did the man need?

“Fantastic. My name is Lumiere. I need to know. Do you remember anything about your past?” He said. Why would he ask a question like that?

“Well, I remember being raised in this congenial home. I was born here by Aulora Mauvais and was raised here by my mother and father, Gaston and Aulora. Why?” I inquired.

“Awww...you seem to not remember your past. But, I remember a great deal about it. Let me ask you one more question. Do you know this tune?” The man asked as he pulled a music box out that was filled with golden decorations all around. As he played it, I listened. It did mean something. It was at the tip of my tongue but, I couldn’t figure where I had heard that beautiful tune.

“Madellynn, come finish dinner, please,” My mother had called.

I ran inside very confused. Did that mean something about my past?

                                  Chapter 2

Finally! I finished making dinner. I put it all on my parents’ plates and my brothers’, too. But, my mind kept thinking about that tune. ‘Stop it, Madellynn,’ I thought to myself, “It’s not real. No matter how bad you want to get out of being the family maid, you cannot. You have duties and responsibilities and this is your family your talking about!’ I finally got myself to stop thinking about the man and the music box. Thank goodness! My brain was having a riot.

Gaston finally managed to ask me a question.

“Who were you talking to outside?” He asked suspiciously. What do I do? If tell about what happened out there, he’ll think I’m crazy. What would I have to say? What to do, what to do?

“You see, uhhh...well, the man was a messenger from Queen Belle and King Adam. They lost their cat. He just wanted to check if I saw him,” I smiled hesitantly. That was close!

“Well, King Adam and Queen Belle should make sure their cat doesn’t end up in the wrong hands, like mine. That cat will be dinner for our family if it comes anywhere near my reach,” he laughed. Colt and Dominique thought it was hilarious. So did my mother! What kind of family laughs at a nauseating, repugnant, horrendous joke like that? Apparently, my family.

“How is that funny? So, father, you would go around killing other people’s animals like that. It’s an animal!” I said very repulsed by the idea.

“Please, Madellynn. Animals are beasts. They’re meat. My meat!” Gaston declared.

“No, they’re living creatures just like us. They shouldn’t be treated such as anything other than what they are,” I said sharply.

“Madellynn, Madellynn. I must know; where did you learn all those ideas, all those words. They’re pretty big for a girl like you. Where you reading, again?” Gaston looked into my eye clearly and said that. Now what do I say. If he caught me reading, my life was ruined, forever! I would never be able to read another book again.

“Well...I..umm..” I said again hesitantly.

“You were. Oh, Madellynn! It’s not right for a girl to read. Soon you’ll get more silly ideas like that and she’ll be thinking. Like you. And have you been reading without the pictures, again?” He asked.

“Maybe. But, I’ve been using my imagination,” I said skeptically.

“Madellynn, please, you’re sixteen. Imagination is for two-year-olds,” he said.

“No, it’s for everyone. I could be eighty-two and still be using my imagination and I will! Forever and always!” I said hotly.

“Madellynn, I’m forbidding you to read! It’s making you smarter than me! We can’t have that happen,” he said.

“That sounds ridiculous. You cannot forbid me to read. It’s like...forbidding you to...breathe!” I said  tempestuously.

“Madellynn..I don’t want to talk about this anymore. I have already told you cannot. Obey me, now!” he said sharply. That was it for me. My eyes swelled up and I ran outside the door and Aulora followed me.

“What about your night chores, dear?” Aulora said selfishly.
“Why don’t you two have Dominique do them?” I said not caring. I ran off with my white horse, Snowflake, into the woods, hoping not to return. We ran and ran and ran and I looked back and my lodge was tiny. Suddenly, boom! I was flat on the ground. Covered in dirt, mud, and grass.

“Snowflake! Why did you do that?” I said almost about to cry. Then, I looked down on the ground and I saw a book necklace. I picked it up and examined it a little more. What was it? Was it for me? Quickly, Snowflake ran.

“Snowflake! Come back! Where are you? Snowflake!! Please!” I said freezing cold. It was winter and very cold and to have to run into the woods to find my horse, uh-oh! What did I do? I had to find her anyway. It gave me a good chance to look at the necklace I had found. So, I trudged on.

There I was, walking in the cold, winter night. It was pitch black outside and it was snowing like crazy. Almost to the point where I could not see. All I could think about was the man and the necklace. What did they mean?  The necklace was shaped as a book and a key. The top was a book and the end was the key. There was also a writing there on the key. It said, “L'imprévisible a fait de vous émerveillé.” You must know that this was in an old type of french. That means, I would really have to sit down and try to figure out what it said.  Somebody must of lost it. The man must have thought I was a different person. I just felt like I had to find out more about this necklace. So, I sat down and read. It said, “The unpredictable has made you wonderstruck.” What does that mean? The unpredictable has made you wonderstruck? Wait! I had just figured it out. The unpredictable has made you wonderstruck means that someone unpredictable has made me wonder how my life has played. Maybe this necklace was left here for me. Just then, I found a note attached to it that said, “Viseur de la chance, vous avez trouvé le collier. Vous devez aller à la puissance de centre de la France pour trouver votre vrai destin et de la famille. Soyez à l'affût pour plus d'indices.” That meant, “ Lucky finder, you have found the necklace. You must go to the center power of France to find your true destiny and family. Be on the lookout for more clues.” True family? My family was Gaston’s family. Or was I wrong? I just needed to follow this. I could discover something new. Something fresh.


Chapter 3

I ran. I had to get to center of France. Fast. What would happen if I didn’t? I would go back to being the family made. Or I could live out here in the forest. That would not be so bad. I had ran a mile away from home. It wasn’t so easy. It was snowing insanely and I had to trudge my way through the frosty forest in piles and piles of snow. It was very hard. But, if it meant a new life, I pushed myself to go as far as I could. When I looked straight down the forest path, I saw a white horse. It was shiny and had long strands of silver in it’s hair. Snowflake! I found her. That really sped up the process. Just then she ran away. Why? Did she not realize it was me? I had to follow her. I had to get to the center of France quickly.

I had been running for nearly 4 hours. I was starting to get tired. Too much running. But, there was no time to stop because I had gotten there. Wow! I felt pretty good at that moment. I ran to the book and I saw Snowflake there! She had led me to the book. Now that is one pretty amazing horse. I walked up the steps and I looked at the book. I took my key out and inserted it in the keyhole. Suddenly, a pen came out. It was a feathered pen. It flipped to the very first page of the book and I signed my name. It flipped through all the names and it finally arrived at my page. The page was titled “Princess Madellynn Marie Madison Victoria Rose.” It wasn’t possible. Was I a...princess? That would have changed everything. My life being a servant was over. I  couldn’t believe that I was born into a royal family. But which? Oh my goodness! Queen Belle’s and King Adam’s. This was huge. But just one question. If I was so important to them, why didn’t they come looking for me? It didn’t matter. I was so excited to be a princess and a big sister to Princess Brigette`! I continued look through the book and I saw pictures of me as a  baby. That was a long time ago.

Meanwhile, back at home. Gaston saddled his horse and was going to try to follow me. He was lucky there were hoofprints in the snow and my footprints. So, he followed them.

Then I closed the book and got up on Snowflake. Suddenly, Gaston walked out on his black stallion. What was he doing here?

“Madellynn...what are you doing here?” he said as I was about ask him the same question. I was speechless at that moment. He was going to ruin everything!

“I’m leaving your family,” I said.
“Why would you want to do that?” he said as he crossed his arms.

“Well, first, you lied to me all my life. Second, I’m the princess of France!” I said strictly.

“What are you talking about? You live with me and your brothers,” He said.

“You stole me. And just so you know, I am never coming back. Ever!” I said.

“Your choice,” he said as he walked back into the woods. It was that easy? Well, then. I ran to the palace of Queen Belle and King Adam.  It was a tiring run for poor Snowflake. Running back and forth.

Finally, we had arrived. The palace looked cheerful. Full of color and beautiful golden horse statues everywhere. I left Snowflake tied to the gate and I walked inside. I knocked on the door and it just opened. How? No time to think about that. I walked in the palace and there were maids cleaning the walls. Everywhere. One walked up to me and said, “May I direct, m’am?”

“Yes, please. Where Queen Belle and King Adam?” I asked.

“Upstairs in the study. Go straight, make two lefts and one right,”

“Thank you!” I smiled.

I walked in that direction and found the study. Before I walked in, I took a minute to think. Was this right choice? Of course it was! Just then, I overheard Queen Belle’s conversation with King Adam.

“Adam, it’s been 16 years since we lost Madellynn. She is probably grown up now, having a life of her own. She’ll never remember the life I planned to have for her. We need to put the past in the past and just except we might never see Madellynn again,” my mother said to my father. My eyes filled with tears but, I suked it up I walked in the room.
“Are you a new maid?” Queen Belle asked.

“No, I’m your daughter. Princess Madellynn. Princess Madellynn Marie Madison Victoria Rose,” I said. My mother walked up to me and touched my hair and rubbed my face.

“Madellynn!!! I thought we’d never see you again,” she screamed with happiness.
“I knew I would,” I smiled.

                    Chapter 5

As my parents and I reunited together, Gaston  snuck up the halls. Just then, a dark shadow stood up against the wall. The hall was all dark and just my mother’s study room was filled with light. In my head, I was still a little sad that my parents never came looking for me. Why?  

“Oh...how sweet.  A family reunion,” Gaston said.

“Gaston! It’s not possible. I thought you were-” My mother said astonished.

“-Dead. Of course not, Belle. Neither was Madellynn. She was with me. Now, Madellynn, tell me. Do you like the idea that your parents did even think about looking for you? Does it make you sad? Mad? Angry?” he said as my face hung low. Gaston snuck around my mother and took my father’s crown. The crown (in France) was the most important part of the king. If it was placed on the head of another man, it officially became his.

Just as Gaston was walking down to the throne room, the crown fell into my hands.

“Madellynn, give it to me,” My mother said as she walked over towards me.

“No, Madellynn, give it to me. I was the one who raised you, cared for you. They didn’t even bother to look for you,” Gaston said to me, “Give it to me, Madellynn. Think of all the things I did for you.”

Persuading me, I said to my parents, “Why? Why didn’t you come look for me? Am I less important than Brigette`? Why?”

“Madellynn, we tried and tried and we couldn’t find you. I’m sorry!” My mother cried.

“Too late mom!” I said foolishly. I handed the crown to Gaston. Had I realize what  had just done?!

“It’s mine! Finally, for a long 16 years, I’ve waited and waited. It’s finally mine!!” Gaston said with victory.

“No! What have I done?” I said foolishly.
“Now finally I will rule the entire empire of France!” Gaston said triumphantly.
“Madellynn, we have to get that away from him before he puts it on his head. If not, the kingdom really does belong to him,” My mother said worried.

Just then, I had a plan. I needed Brigette` for this. I ran down the hall to the very last room. I opened the door and didn’t know what to say.

“Hi Princess Brigette`! I’m Madellynn. Your mother and I really need your help. Will you help us?” I smiled eargerly.

“I know you. My mother talks about you all the time. You were my older sister who was stolen at birth. Don’t worry, I’ll help you,” she said happily. I explained to Brigette` how the plan was going to go down. I was going to give Gaston a book for him to read with me. Brigette` was going to sneak around him and grab the crown. So, we did that.

Chapter 6

“Gaston, I have something for you,” I said.
“A book? Madellynn, how many times have I told you? These are for babies,” He said.
“Just trust me,” I said as I put my hand behind my back giving Brigette` the signal. She snuck behind the new “king” carefully. Surprisingly, she made it. It took a while, though.

“Hey! Princess get back here with my crown!” Gaston said as Brigette` screamed down the hallway. He took his sword out and tried to fight Brigette`. Luckily, I know all the techniques on sword fighting. Books are amazing! Gaston and I fought out on top of the roof. The sky was drooling with rain. It was pouring hard. My hair was soaking wet and I was not about to give up.

“Madellynn, just give up! You’ll never retrieve the crown,” He said.

“Don’t worry. I think I will. By the way, watch your step. I wouldn’t go that far back if I were you,” I said.

“Please. A little sixteen year old girl can’t tell me how far to move back. I can go as far as I want!!!” He said as he fell down the side on the palace.

“I told you!” I smiled to myself. I jumped back inside and ran to my family quickly. We all hugged for a long time. Happily.

Later that day, the sun came out and I had changed into a beautiful ball gown. My mother had called all of the kingdom to come down and meet the new princess.

From that day on,  lived a princess life. I was treated well.  I guess...we all lived happily ever after!

              The End!

So...how was it? Good? Bad? We hope you enjoyed our story. Tell us in the comment section if you like this WWHA story or not.

Thanks for reading!


EG/ Bellise



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