What Would Happen After~ NEWEST CHARACTER~ Liah~Daughter of Mulan

Hi Girle's'!

Today we have a new member to add to What Would Happen After. Guess who? The daughter of Mulan! Her name is Liah. Here is her picture and full interview.

Liah~Daughter of Mulan

                                                        NAME: Liah
                                        PARENTS: Fa Mulan and Li Shang

                                        FAVORITE COLOR: Green and Yellow!

                                        FAVORITE FOOD: My mother makes the BEST sushi rolls and steamed rice.
                                      SIGNATURE STYLE: I have always loved the long flowy dress my mother showed me. So, now I'm all into Hanfus. 

                                      BIRTHDAY: May 4th, 505 AD

                                       HOBBY: My father and I love to practice our warrior "skills"

                                      SPECIAL POWER:  I can bring peace to anyone anywhere.

                                       PET: I have a sweet and small dragon named, Mushu Jr. (because he looks exactly like Mushu) and I have a coy fish named, Peace.

                                       CASTLE: I live in my father's ginormous house in the center of China. 

                                       ROOM: My room is the room in front of the house upstairs. It has a big balcony that overlooks all of China! 

                                       FAVORITE ROOM IN THE PALACE: The balcony overlooking the city. (I know it's not a room but, I still love it!) 

                                       MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT: I was at tea with my mother, father, sister (Mae) and the emperor. We were having rice and tea (an odd combo). I picked up my chopsticks, and to tell you the truth, I've never used chopsticks before. So, I fumbled through it a little bit and I thought  I got it. Just then, I flung the rice at myself, my father and the emperor. I was so embarrassed! 
                                        FUN FACTS:My mother and I are the best of friends. Every Sunday, we go to a little shop across the way and look at pretty Hanfus they have. 

YEAR: 521 AD

Do you like the new girl, Liah? I think she's sweet.

We hope you enjoyed!




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