Fellini, It's Your Birthday!!

Hi Girle's'!!

Today is a super special day in our family. It's our dog's birthday (Fellini, the EG dog). Check out his page. Fellini's Page!! He's turning 1!! What a big boy!!

So, what are we going to do for Fellini's b-day? Well, I made him a cake. It took my mom FOREVER to finally agree to the idea. And now I can see why she didn't want to make it. It was the most disgusting thing ever!!! I put carrots, Peanut Butter, vanilla, unbleached flour, egg, and baking soda. The house smelled disgusting for 40 minutes. My mom couldn't stand the smell. The batter looked as disgusting as it did in the picture so I guess I made it well. Fellini couldn't stop licking the frosting (yogurt, Peanut Butter, and blue food coloring). I gave him little taste tests.  I topped it with red coconut shreds (food coloring) with some dog treats all around. I tried to make the treats in the middle spell out his name. It didn't work but okay! Here are some awesome pictures from his cake and the morning he opened presents.

Oh...don't worry Molly, there's plenty of cake left for your dogs (Corby and Arthur)

The awesome cake I made.

Fellini and I (with my crazy hair) with his toy

Fellini being Fellini:

My super cute sister and Fellini:

Silly puppy!

Don't give me your attack look! ;)

I <3 you!!

Just cute!

I hope Fellini has the best birthday ever!!





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