100 Words that Describe a Girl-3 & 4

Hi Girle's'!!

Here are two words that go in girl vocabulary.



Girls are very, very, very admirable. For example, if you have a younger sister (your the oldest), why do you think she copies you all the time? Because you set a good example for her. She loves the way you do this or do that. Basically, she admires what you do because you inspire her to be a good person. That is a gift to have someone who wants to be just like you because your cool. In the eyes of your little sister, your her role model or Taylor Swift.

  Admiration is wonderful thing. If you have it, keep it.
~Every Girle'



This next word is brilliant. Now, why do you think I chose that word? Well, we have so many brilliant girls in the world that it's not even funny. In fact, every single one of you have brilliance in your head. Even if you don't see it, it's true. Most girls say that they're not smart or brilliant, but that is not the case at all. I've seen so many girls with amazing ideas. Like one girl I know is so very brilliant, it's insane. She can sit down and patiently put things back together, and she will craft and craft and craft forever. She has so many well thought out amazing ideas that typically always work. I look up to her for awesome ideas and just in general.

Brilliance shines the light of day. Use your brilliance. Forever and always.

~Every Girle'



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