The Characters

    Meet the Characters of 'What Would Happen After?'

#1: Princess Emmerson Rose Camargue Brenton of Arendelle

Daughter of: Elsa and Hans

#2: Teagan Bhorgman

Daughter of: Anna and Kristoff

#3: Princess Kiera Lillian Sophia of Agrabah- Coming soon

Daughter of Jasmine and Aladdin

#4: Princess Eliana- coming soon

Daughter of: Tiana and Naveen

#5: Princess Sophia-coming soon

Daughter of Rapunzel and Eugene

#6: Princess Brooklyn- coming soon

Daughter of Cinderella and Prince Charming

#7: Princess Ebony-coming soon

Daughter of Snow White and her prince

#8: Princess Molly- coming soon

Daughter of Merida

#9: Princess Annalise-coming soon

Daughter of Sleep Beauty and Prince Phillip

#10: Princess Madelynn

Daughter of Princess Belle and The Beast (A.K.A- Prince Adam)

More Pictures coming soon!

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