100 Words That Describe A Girl


I think this commercial is empowering to every girl. It tells girls that you don't have to be ashamed of how you walk "like a girl" or run "like a girl" because if you're shooting "like a girl" and your still winning those games, you're doing absolutely everything right. It empowers girls to be themselves.

So, EG has decided to start 100 Words That Describe a Girl. Here's how it works. So, everyday (starting from today) we'll post a word that makes us think of girls and you guys are going to share every  post that has an encouraging word on it (including this one) to every person you know and then they'll share and then they'll share it and it will be a long line of sharers.

Get it? Now, for the fun to begin! Today's word is :


That's a pretty big word! What does empower even mean?

Well, it means to inspire somebody else. You inspire them to be stronger and more confident in themselves. Girls all around us empower other girls to believe in ourselves and be confident in ourselves. Empowerment is a very important and true word in the life of a girl. My advice to you is to empower the people around, be the Taylor Swift to the people around you. Inspire young girls to be the best they could possibly be.

                     Keep Empowering, because it's working.

                              ~Every Girle'



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