Will she make it?

    Uh-Oh!! We have some terrible news!! While Breyer was riding her "amazing" horse, Destiny, she fell. I guess something scared her horse or Breyer was day dreaming and missed her jump. She's about to give up the sport forever because the doctors think that she broke her back and may never be able to walk again. Thank goodness a young girl ,about Brey's age, was there to call for help.  Now, Breyer and the girl are there at the Hospital recovering. I think that girl is now Breyer's new best friend! Her name is Meridth.

     But, the deal is if Breyer can never walk again, she will leave Every Girle'. But, until further notice her mother and father have said that she must stay away from her friends until the family knows if Breyer will be okay.

You'll see if everything goes well! Let's hope for the best! :)




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