Oh no! Not, again! I bet you want to know what is happening to me. Well, I'm.........sick!! Again! UGH!! 

        I have a soar throat and my nose & ears are plugged. :( I'm also coughing things up like a maniac. 

If you're sick like me, always:

Drink warm water

Why not cold ??? Cold water can bother your throat and add more bacteria to your throat.
Why warm ?? Well, warm  water can kill the bacteria inside your throat .

Try eating apples

Apples really did help my throat a little bit. Better than a cough drop! Well, that's my opinion. :) 

Some facts for you Girle's  :

You get a soar throat because your  pipe that delivers food to the stomach , called the trachea , Rubs against the other side of the trachea causing a soar throat.

You throw up because your stomach hasn't fully digested your food that you ate and your stomach muscles send your food back up the trachea which causes throw up .

Hope I feel better and If one of you Girle's are sick then I hope you feel better, too.



P.S- It's so hard to be sick! I really want to play with Fellini but, my mom said that I have to lay down. 



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