Let's Track Santa!/ What I'm doing on Christmas/Christmas Eve.

             Christmas Eve is tomorrow! So, that means Santa comes. In order to kick off Christmas Eve, Every Girle' will track Santa this year. Track Santa on Norad, the official Santa Tracking website.

           This year, my sister and I will try to find Santa when he comes into our house. We're going to put on flashlights on our pajamas and use those to see him. I do this every year because I wake up every two hours when it's Christmas. I just get really excited.

            Sometimes, I wake my parents up at 5:00 or 6:00 A.M. Sadly, I have to wait. So, this year I might take my computer up and write on Every Girle'.

             So, this year we got a big, 9 LB box. I was really excited when I got it on Friday. My parents said they didn't know what it was. So, my sister and I think it's from Santa. We think he got us a Banjo. Awesome!!  (I've loved banjos for a few years now. It was when my aunt was giving us an Italian lesson I saw the banjo. I listened to it and I've loved the sound ever since.) This is how we know.

Clue #1: It's from Musicians Discount Warehouse

Clue #2: It says banjo on the box.

                       But, we're going to open it tomorrow.

                     What are you doing for Christmas?? If anything else comes up, I will post the news.

              Comment on this page and tell us what you're doing for Christmas. We'd be happy to hear from you!

                                           Merry Christmas!!

                          P.S- Remember to track Santa with Norad.

                                                             Every Girle'



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