Happy Birthday Breyer and Taylor Swift!!

Today, is Taylor Swift's & Bryer's birthday! Happy birthday girls.

Taylor is 24.

Breyer is 11.

For Taylor's present, we have all her albums. That way she can remember all fun times.


Speak Now- Estefania Swift

Fearless- audreyannahschannel

Taylor Swift-Estefania Swift

For Breyer-A special card from her friends and a Happy Birthday from Taylor. Jessie Dylan

Happy birthday, Taylor & Breyer!

Have fantastic b-days! We will always support you Taylor.

For Taylor:

Dear Taylor,

I hope you have a happy, happy birthday!! Us Swifties adore you and wanted you to know that! Thank you for writing music, Taylor. We hope you continue that. Hope you have a good b-day in New Zealand! Merry Christmas, too!

Your #1 fan & the loudest one at your August 24th, 2013 RED tour concert,


Have a good birthday to anyone else.



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