She's Here! Hip-Hip Hurray!

She's here, She's here! I bet you are so excited to know who this new girl is. Her name is....... Drum roll, please.

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Alyssa Skylar 


Me- Jessica- Mom- and dad
Her Family

Alyssa is an all star gymnast. Level 8 and on the gymnastics team. She has a pet named, Fierce. He's a snake. He is a very sweet and fierce . She got him last month for a couple different reasons.

  1. Her favorite animal is a snake.
     2. 2013 is the year of the snake.
     3. And her Chinese Zodiac is a snake.

                                                   Alyssa's personal life:

                                                              Age: 11
                                                         Nickname: Aly
                                                        Favorite Color: Emerald green
                                                       Lucky Number: 19
                                                      Favorite Number: 11
                                                      Favorite Food: Meatballs
                                                      Favorite dessert: crepes'
                                                      Dream Car: Ferrari
                                                      Hobbies: Gymnastics
                                                      Chinese Zodiac: Snake
                                                       Favorite thing to do: Practicing gym moves.
                                                      Charity Help: Helps sick kids learn intense gymnastics moves.
                                                      Dream job: Olympics gymnast
                                                      Favorite animal: Snake
                                                      Birthday: October 31st, 2001

                                                           Alyssa's Gym moves:





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