Do you have a Fear??

Everyone has fears. Even Taylor Swift. Even Alyssa Skylar and the girles. Even I have a fear. Many fears. I will tell you them.

I fear:

spiders- Ugh! Their long disgusting legs and their fuzzy hair make me want to squish them.

The Dark- So, this one is a bit crazy and a bit weird but, I hate the dark. I always think something is going to happen. Like ghosts or monsters.

Sleeping alone- I like someone by my side when I sleep. I feel comforted and soothed.

Bugs (except pill bugs and butterflies)- Same reason why I hate spiders. Yes, I am kind of afraid of lady bugs in Italy. So, I was in Italy and their was this lady bug who loved my big puffy skirt like crazy. She loved it some much that she decided go hide in it. I found her, and I screamed like a maniac.

Scary movies- These movies make me more afraid to sleep alone. One movie that I was freaked out about was A Wrinkle in Time.

The Girle's fear:


Wearing last season's clothes- Yeah, you know Brekin. She's always caught up in her fashion.


If her horse was sick or injured- Breyer is always trying to help animals around her. Especially her horse. She is always making sure that Destiney is careful.

Spiders- She does not like that terrifying look on their face.


 If animals dies or get badly injured-  If  an animal dies, so does rose's heart. Her heart is like a rose. Always caring and bright and positive. Then as each and every animal dies, her petals start to fall.


If she doesn't finish her painting- If A didn't finish her painting, she thought that she was going to be toast. Seriously, I do really mean toast.


Well, I'm sorry to say but, Brenton says she doesn't have a fear. Yes, she does. She is just embarrassed. Whatever!?


Aly is afraid of sleeping alone. She always likes it when ,Vannessa her sister, sleeps with her .

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