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                Hi! My name is Breyer Camargue Lipizzan Morgan . I am one of the founders of Every Girle'. Today , I am going to tell you the story of how Every Girle' became what it is today.

              It all started at home on January 12th , 2013 . I had just moved to our street, Golden Sun, 2 months before all my friends. (I was born in Nashville, Tennessee. I do not have an accent, if your asking.) Anyway, I was watering the flowers with a green dress on and I saw a dark green Ford Explorer with a girl inside it. It was the new girl that moved 2 houses down from me. I had been waiting for her to come out so I could ask her if we could be friends. I dropped the hose and I galloped over to her as fast as I could. I said," Hi." She  looked up at her dad and looked back at me and said , " Hi." (Before anything I didn't normally make friends because I am way to shy. All my friends are back in Nashville. This was huge for me!) Anyway I said back to her,"What is your name. I am Breyer."   She said, " I am Brekin ."
I asked her if she could play and she said yes! She had to put away her groceries first. I went back to my house cartwheeling and flipping around . That was the best day of my life.

                   2 weeks, later to sisters moved to the house right next to me,the most expensive house on Golden sun Avenue. Anyway, One girl had long gold curly hair and one had short blonde hair. One day, they drove by in their black Rolls Royce. Brekin and I were playing at my house with our dolls. We waited for them to come out of their car. Once they came out Brekin said ," Hi! What is your name. I am Brekin and that is Breyer." I smiled and waved at them. The one with curly hair said ," Hello. I am Rose." And the short blonde haired girl said, " I am Aridessa . " . We asked the parents if they could play and they said yes.


                         5 weeks later, a young girl with reddish brownish hair moved in right on the other side of me.The land next to me was open land. It took them 2 months to build a house because her dad never stopped working. Once, she came home from a paintball game. The girls and I were taking spring photos of our dolls. Anyway, I saw her and put my camera down and sprung toward her. I said as the girls followed me," Hi. I am Breyer. And this Rose, Aridessa,and Brekin." She said," I am Brenton Baise Clydesdale
 . Some people call me Clyd. or just Brenton." I asked her dad if she could play and he said yes !

                              5  days later we had our first sleepover.We talked about each other and watched movies. I learned that Brenton loves celebrities and she has a journal and writes about them and their music. Brekin loves fashion. She just signed up for fashion shows. Rose has animals that she takes care of because she is a fanatic when it comes to animals. And Aridessa loves art.And they learned that  love songwriting and singing. We were so different from each other but, we all had the same thing in common. At school , popular girls ran the clubs we dreamed of getting into . We could never get in because we weren't popular. That happened with other girls, too. Even sometimes online we couldn't get into clubs because they were REALLY expensive. They can be like $2000 to get in. Not everyone has that money. And I believe every girl or boy should be able to do what they love.

             A couple days later we had our second sleepover and it was the best one yet. In the morning we took pics. of our dolls  reading and ice skating and then a light bulb hit me. I said," What if we made a website that is made for Every Girl to go on even some without big money." They said it was perfect. That morning the girls and I started to blog and create a website. In 2 weeks we had already 700 views. We were  becoming a hit. But, we had to come up with a name.We decided to go with Every Girle' so it sounded fancy. We didn't want to use something common like Every Girl. People loved us. Our school thinks we are super cool.We even told the principal what the popular girls were doing to those clubs and he stopped that. Now everyone could enter the clubs. We even hired three girls to help us while we are gone. Their names are Sienna, Bellise, and Jessa .

                                   We are just 5 regular girls who became sensations and who have given girls advice to pursue their dream. People doubted us. But, I believe if you set you mind to your dream you can succeed . Every Girle' can do it!


Me with the red cape, Brenton next to me , Brekin in the middle, Rose with the blue, Aridessa with the green.

Yours truely,

Breyer Camargue Lipizzan Morgan
Brekin Ariage Rose
Brenton Baise Clydesdale
Rose Camarrague morragan
Aridessa Camarrague Rose

P.S. Believe in yourself and you can accomplish anything . Remember! :)



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