Burning Red!

        So far my day has been burning red. Do you want to know why??
Well, It all started this morning when I woke up. I was in a pretty decent mood. Then, I ran through my grandparents house , with my sister, and went to the computer. I then checked my email. This is where it gets burning red. So, I checked my email and I saw my friend sent me something. I looked and I saw that it said my Girl Scouts was maybe having a slumber party at build a bear! What!! I was going to miss that . I was SO sad I started to cry.

       Also,when you are top seller in girl scouts they give you a trophy and prizes and you get this award ceremony in honor of you. I was top seller and , since I am in Italy I missed my awards ceremony. What a bummer , right! So, yeah that is pretty much my burning red day!

If you have had a burning red day you can tell us. You might see your burning red day on Every  Girle'!
Just send us an email of that bad day at everygirle@gmail.com .




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