Helpful Tips.

Here are some cool people who were bullied like me and you.

Taylor Swift says she was bullied in junior high. She said it was very difficult .

Bullying is mean, mean, mean. It hurts people and is unexceptable.
Here are  some helpful tips:

Be nice to them and compliment them.
Tell a grown up: 
Go and tell a grown up , your mom, your teacher any grown up. The grown up will tell their mom and their mom should ground them and the kid should apologize. 
Don't be mean to them. 
Also, Stand up for yourself. Show that bully you are not scared of them.
Just ignore them. Stay with your friends. 
If someone else is being bullied:
Tell a grown up.
Stand up for them.
 Talk to the person in private to make sure they are okay.
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